They Did The Mash… And Then Some

One of my friends who I have not talked to in a long while gave me a random out of the blue phone call yesterday afternoon.  We had a good gab fest and then she invites me to a Halloween party that she was going to last night.  At first I told her no because it was kind of last min and I wasn’t really in the mood.  But she kept begging and pleading for me to go and so I caved.
Thankfully I have leftover costumes to sort through from previous Halloweens.  I decided on the sexy witch costume and got a bit slutted up – heh!  I looked pretty damn good if I say so myself.  I would have taken some pictures but I didn’t have any batteries for my camera.  I intended on getting some on the way to the party but then I totally forgot to bring my camera since I was rushing. 
It actually turned out to be really fun (but did get wild later).  They had hired a bartender to make drinks and that was pretty cool.  I was thankful I wouldn’t have to be stuck with drinking beer or some loaded punch as my only drinking choices.  He pretty much had everything so various mixed drinks and martinis for me.  Woo!
The guy hosting the party was a hunky and funny guy.  He had a really nice house too.  He and his best friend dressed up as Ponch and Jon from the TV show CHiPs – that cracked me up because one, I loved that show and two, our VP’s did that too at the last place I worked one Halloween.
As the evening wore on and many, many cocktails later… the party got really wild.  Let’s just say my eyebrows were raised.  On top of that I was really, really intoxicated.  More than I have been in a long long time.  I’m surprised I didn’t get sick – but I’m pretty good at listening to my body when I’ve had enough.  When you get that drunk and things get wild like that, you tend to have that conversation with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other trying to convince you to do or not do things.  Other people there tend to make it hard too by saying and doing things to convince you – it was obvious the devil won in their personal conversations.  I’ll just leave it at that.  😉  
After awhile I decided I should leave but my friend didn’t want to leave.  She, as well as some other party goers, were trying to convince me to just stay and spend the night since she was really good friends with the host.  I thought about it but… it would have been too naughty to stay, especially with being that drunk.  I called a cab and came home around 2:30 am.
I’m paying for it today.  Oh my head

3 Responses to “They Did The Mash… And Then Some”

  1. Jeff Says:

    That sounds like an interesting party. My curiosity is up.

  2. Liz Says:

    hahaha you should have stayed girl! I think you would have had even more fun.

  3. Nail Whore Says:

    I cant wait for the juicy details……. call me alter!!! Hahah

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