Botox Boy Gets Pissy At Honest, Hard Questions

Dumb ass throws a temper tantrum because someone from the local media asks him some tough but honest questions for ONCE.  Questions about his own words that came out of his mouth.  He not only belittles the anchor who asks him and lies but later the Obama camp calls the station and tells them they are not getting anything more from them again.  oooooooooo
What a cry baby wimp. 
Never mind all the crap that Sarah Palin has gone through with the mainstream media.  And we are talking some serious, major crap too and still she has taken it all like a man!

One Response to “Botox Boy Gets Pissy At Honest, Hard Questions”

  1. Vox Says:

    Pretty sad that our VP candidate is more of a man than either of their candidates (McCain obviously is, too) and more of a lady than either of their wives.

    No surprise that Biden is a whiney ass, and no surprise that Obama would appreciate and support that type of behavior. Kindred whiney, cry-baby souls.

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