I'm Out of Stuff to Do

I have never been married or have kids so I have pretty much lived on my own since I was 18 years old aside from room mates in the younger days.  I’ve been a pretty independent person and for the most part a more introverted kind of personality.  So I don’t mind doing things by myself or going places like the movies or out to dinner by myself.
But seriously…. after not working for a year and having a job to go to every day…. I have finally reached complete boredom at a new level that will NOT go away.  I’m bored with every single thing I do.  Looking for jobs – bored.  Watching TV – bored.  Reading – bored.  Cooking – bored.  Eating – bored.  Cleaning – bored.  Surfing the web – bored.  Cleaning out closets – bored.  Blogging – bored.  Porn – bored.  Going for walks – bored.
The other problem to this is I can’t really go out much.  I can’t go shopping or the movies or a bar or bowling or take trips or go to the gym or anything that costs money since I’m unemployed.  Ugh.  A nasty catch 22 here.
It’s also difficult to go to a friends house or have them come here a lot since most of them are married with kids and such. 
Normally I wouldn’t be this bored with things, like I said, I’ve been single and independent all my life.  But not working this long is making me turn to mush.
I soooo feel like Vyvyan in this scene from the “Bored” episode of the Young Ones.  One of my favorite British shows.  heh.



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