Trick Or Treat

Part of me didn’t want to participate in Halloween this year and just keep my lights off.  But then I changed my mind.  I know there are quite a few empty houses and I didn’t want to cheat the kiddies of their fun.
I didn’t buy much candy this year since it seems like the last few years I have been getting less and less trick or treaters.  Smart move because once again I really didn’t get many.
One man stopped by with his two really cute little girls and I asked him where everyone was.  He said it’s because there are a lot of empty houses and a lot of people who don’t have their lights on and are probably not in the spirit this year given all that is going on.  I told him of my job situation and he recently got laid off too.  He got another job which of course is a lot lower pay now and no companies seem to be hiring right now.  Everything seems to be frozen or they are waiting till after the election.
Then he brought up Obama and how it scares him to know he would be in office and raising our taxes.  I started to laugh and agreed.  Then he gave me his card and told me about some career networking group that he is a part of and told me to email him and he would send me the info.  I’m taking him up on it.  So that was a good thing.
Some of the other usual stuff I do, I just didn’t this year.  I usually carve a pumpkin and bake the seeds.  I also usually make myself a nice dinner like crock pot chili or something and have sparkling cider or even a cool cocktail.  I didn’t do any of it this year.  I was too lazy I guess.
And now I’m clicking through all the channels and there are no good scary movies on.  Halloween night and no good movies?  How lame.  Oh well.  I have my health and my home.  Knock wood.
I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.

4 Responses to “Trick Or Treat”

  1. Vox Says:

    And your friends. Don’t forget your friends.

    (should I have stuck with the alliteration? “Your homies, don’t forget your homies”)

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    So true Vox! You are one of the great ones actually.

  3. Danger Zone Says:

    I think if you were using alliteration it would have read more along the lines of ‘and your fragrant, fastidious foes. Forget forever fervent and fanatical friends.’

  4. Vox Says:

    I was sticking with the Health & Home

    and Homies

    and…perhaps….dare I say it…..Horn-dog readers…..?

    and Hotness. Chicky, you still have your Hotness.

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