Zo's Latest – Aftermath

Now here is something really interesting.  I forgot who I was talking to about this but I had said just the other day to someone that to me, someone’s race doesn’t bother me.  I could care less if our President was black or white as long as he/she was smart, could do the job and had good principles and policies. 
In fact, I had mentioned to who I was talking with Alan Keyes by name.  He was a candidate running at one time for the conservatives.  I always thought the guy was very smart.  And yes, he happens to be black.  Even my dad liked him very, very much.
It’s funny to me that I had just mentioned the guy the other day and now when I see Zo’s latest video, he is talking about him too.  He is right about his assessment on him.  As well as the others which I also like – Fred Thomson and Mike Huckabee.  He was also right about Ronald Reagan and John McCain too.



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