Damned If We Do and Damned If We Don't

I’m finding it very, very, VERY interesting as to how the democrats and liberal leaning independents are reacting to the outcome of the election and also reacting to our (conservatives) reactions.
Here is one point… their guy wins and so they all want to make nice with us.  ‘Let’s work together, we are one country, let’s get along, let’s reach across the isle… blah, blah, fuckity blah.’  Okay, yeah I think I have always wanted all of us as well as many other conservatives, including John McCain (who is famous for it) to do that but here is the kicker…
For eight years… eight… the conservatives had been called every name in the book like right wing nuts, Nazis, racists, fascists, evil, been told our President should be assassinated, told that the troops should turn their guns and kill their own officers, that our troops are baby killers and some of them getting spat on, that we are religious nut cases, people holding McCain signs get beat up, they hang the likeness of Sarah Palin from a noose out in their yard – calling it art, that we are liars and murderers, that we hate gay people, death to Condi Rice, death to the entire administration, that we stole the election twice, the President and first lady get snowballs and other items thrown at their car on inauguration day and on and on and on and much, much worse.  I’m not even naming 1% of the despicable things we’ve been called or accused of for EIGHT years.  This coming from a party who claims and prides themselves on being the “tolerant” party.  Now their guy wins and it’s all koom-by-ya?  Funny how all those pictures are full of love and coming together this election and yet last election your pictures were this.
This blogger and this blogger also make these points and are not taking it laying down.
Then here is the 2nd piece of all of this… our conservative leaders play nice and lose graciously.  They say nice things about Obama now that the election is over and want to move on for what is right for the country.  But oh no…. lefty media like the New York Times has to crap all over it.  I even went to YouTube to see President Bush on his short speech on congratulating President Elect Obama on his win and there were comments by people saying how he was disrespectful and other nasty things.  How was Bush disrespectful when he was congratulating Obama and saying what a historic event it was?
There are still many fresh open wounds here people.  So you shouldn’t be too shocked that we all don’t roll over, smoke a bowl with you and start French kissing each other.

2 Responses to “Damned If We Do and Damned If We Don't”

  1. section9 Says:

    Dude. Chill.

    Look. This guy is going to be extremely popular for at least a year. He gets an extended honeymoon because he’s the First Black President and we’re in the middle of an economic crisis.

    Smart conservatives will have to grin and bear it, and come up with smart alternative proposals that resonate with the voters and arouse interest in the news media. We also must emphasize free markets, limited government, and individual liberty. That’s the road back.

    The Dems will always traffic in anger. You don’t see that now because they have power. But it’s what they do.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Not sure why you are asking me to “chill” since I’m not ranting and raving in this post. Only stating facts and observations. My whole point was that the dems traffic in anger.

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