My Biggest Pet Peeve

Being lied to.  I don’t give a rats ass how big or small it is.  Lying to me only pisses me off to no end.  It belittles me.  It hurts me.  I take it personally.
I can live with the truth no matter how disappointing it may be and I can respect it, accept it and soon forget it and move on to other more important things.
But lying to me about it because a person is too chicken to give me the truth or can’t trust me enough to handle the truth, PISSES me off!  It only makes me not trust the other person and everything they have ever said to me in the past but also makes me distrust everything they say and do going forward.  Being straight forward and honest with me at all times eliminates that kind of crap but for some reason out of a childish habit, they don’t see that and lie anyway which only makes things worse.  It really does makes things worse.  It ANGERS me like you wouldn’t believe.
Sometimes when I get told lies, I don’t bother to call them out on it.  I let them think they got away with it – all the while I’m boiling inside.  It’s also a hard thing to erase from my memory and I don’t think the person who lies realizes how much damage that actually does then if they were just honest in the first place.  Disappointing truth I get over pretty quickly and even calmly.  Getting news or truth may disappoint me, I may not like it but I don’t dwell on it.  I accept it and move on and can be pretty forgiving.  Even if someone comes back from a lie and comes clean.  I’m much more forgiving about it.
But getting handed lies, it eats at me consistently.  I can’t forget it and it builds and builds.  I get angrier and angrier.  I start to resent them and question them and then of course they get all defensive and lie some more.  It becomes a nasty cycle that could have been PREVENTED if they just were honest.  When I continuously get lies from a source – it builds to the point of becoming damaging to the relationship whether it be co-workers, friends, lovers, family, etc.
Don’t lie to me.  When you lie to me, I’m going get to a point where you get lies right back at you and you won’t like it.
/end rant.

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