Tequila Sunrise

My friend called me at the last min. yesterday or more like last night and wanted me to go out with her and some friends.  We don’t see each other often so I hopped in the shower and got ready.
We decided on a hole in the wall biker bar closer to my side of town.  Heh heh.  It was a trip.  Not a bad place actually and the patrons and employees were all very cool.  My drink of the evening was Tequila Sunrise.  I forgot how yummy these are and also how much they sneak up on you when drinking them through a straw.  Do’h!
The guys we were with and my friend all bought my drinks for me and that was so nice of them.  We stayed until closing which was about 2am and we had some great laughs.  It was good to get out late at night on the spur of the moment and just have a good time.  The guys were funny and they had me laughing so much.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a long while.
After the bar we hit I-hop and hung out some more.  I don’t think I’ve done this since I was in my twenties but surprisingly I wasn’t tired.  We just kept laughing and laughing.  One of her friends was being a bit flirty with me, but I didn’t mind since he was a cutie with a great sense of humor.
Good company.  Good laughs.  Good times.

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