They Just Don't Make 'em Like This Anymore

A young Ronald Reagan, great uniforms and an upbeat, patriotic story line.  How can you go wrong?
I needed to find something to watch on TV that was a bit cheery and inspirational.  I finally had to turn off the news because it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse.  I started flipping through channels and see that HBO put on The Deer Hunter.  Good movie, but seriously too depressing and I just wanted to escape any kind of downer stuff.
I finally landed on TMC and they didn’t disappoint for Veteran’s Day.  This is the Army was on with Ronald Reagan.  Ahhhh….  I have never seen this movie and have always wanted to.  The down side is I missed the first hour of it and usually I don’t watch a movie if I missed the beginning but decided to keep it on and watch.  But hey, I got to see it here!
What can I say other than they just don’t make these goody two shoes musicals like this anymore.  Yes some of the humor and the musical numbers were a bit cheesy and you hear words like “swell” but hey, it’s still good.  Some of the numbers and the songs are still great.  Even some of the humor held up like these fun lines….
Soldier:  “Hey Sarge…”
Master Sgt.:  “Sarge???  How did you get in the Army?”
Soldier:  “Politics.”
Soldier 1:  “Look at all the people coming in here.” (Visitors day on the base)
Soldier 2:  “Yeah, looks like Sunday at the zoo.  They ought to hang up a sign that says, please don’t feed the soldiers.”
I love the old Army dress uniforms from WWII.  Man those were great!  Why did they get rid of those great khaki’s with the caps??


And then of course you have a young, good looking Ronald Reagan.  *sigh*  I miss him.  I really miss him.
What’s even more interesting about this original play and movie is that they had real soldiers performing in it for Army emergency relief funds.  Ronald Reagan was actually in the Army at the time he filmed this as well.  How cool is that?  Where is the patriotism like that in Hollywood today?

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