Figured Out Play Lists!

I figured out how to set up a play list on YouTube so that it plays all the songs in a row that I choose.  Love it.  Woo Hoo!  Okay, so maybe you knew about it but I didn’t.
So now, I don’t have to link all the individual videos in a blog post anymore.  I can just link the play list and you’ll get to hear/see all the songs in a row without having to click on the individual links. 
I will put them in my side bar too (under my flickr photo) as a sort of blog juke box feature.  I used to be able to do this with Blog Radio on my old blog but the free version of WordPress Doesn’t allow me to.  But now I can this way and what’s even better about doing it this way through YouTube is I don’t have to download music and then upload them all to a player or server.  Nice.
So I have two play lists featured this month.  80’s Nu Wave (I had posted this earlier) and one for Thanksgiving – heh.  So kick back and have my jams playing in the background as you surf the world wide web.

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