Shiver Me Timbers And Blow Their Arses Away

So we have actual pirates on the seas that are robbing the world and getting rich big time.  The useless UN is finally taking notice.  Yeah?  I’d like to see what they come up with.  Now all these companies are looking to take alternate routes which is going to cost money and take forever.  As if our economy is already jacked, now we have this nonsense going on.
Personally I think all these countries should deploy their own armed forces to escort these ships both by sea and air.  They should blow those punks out of the water with missiles if they dare come near their ships.  These assclowns need to be dealt with and not in a friendly manner.  Examples need to be made.  If I were in charge of one of these countries, that’s what I’d do.  Screw the UN, talks and human rights.  I’d blow these bastards up.  It’s dog eat dog world right now and I wouldn’t play.

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