Anyone Know A TV Repair Man?

Because my TV won’t come on and doing a bit of research, I’m thinking that it can be fixed quite easily.  I’m guessing a fuse has gone out on this sucka.  Oh, it could be something else but after reading this, I’m guessing just a fuse.  I have the same exact model/brand and symptoms as described and the TV is only six years old.
Does anyone know anyone in the valley that would do an in home repair on a TV?  Or at least a business they can recommend?
I would need someone to come and fix it here because honestly, this 36 inch Panasonic weighs 100 tons and there is no way in hell I can lug this to a shop.  Hell, when Circuit City delivered it, the TWO men who carried it in were huffing and puffing over this sucka.  It’s times like this I loathe being a single girl.

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