Christmas Vegas Vacation

My dad got a special offer in the mail to stay at the Orleans in Las Vegas for Christmas.  It’s a smoking deal of course and they always stay there whenever they go to Vegas.  They have invited me to go.
Well to be perfectly honest I’m not really all that jazzed about spending Christmas in Las Vegas.  I don’t know, just doesn’t seem… I don’t know.  We all decided not to exchange presents this year, obviously because I have NO money at all and my brother is trying to save money too.  So my dad just thought it would be nice to take a trip instead and drive up there. 
I told my mom I didn’t think I would go even though they booked the room for me anyway.  She told me to think about it and who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind but, like I said, not really feeling it if you know what I mean.
Part of me thinks that maybe I should just stay home and do some volunteer work.  I’ve always wanted to “adopt a soldier” for Christmas or Thanksgiving and host a dinner for someone who can’t go home.  I’m a great hostess!  Being unemployed puts a bit of a damper on that though as I would have to spend money on the dinner – I’ll have to wait till I’m working again for that one I guess.  But maybe I could do something else that just requires my time and to be giving.  Anyone have any ideas?

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