Little Shitaly, Marky Mark and the Gigolo

So my home girl and I were hanging out last night.  We started the evening watching a random mix of videos.  I had E.T. on HBO so we finished watching that, all the while I was making smart ass comments like they do on that show Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  
After watching movies we got into this conversation about making fun of people’s ethnic backgrounds and how touchy people get at that but that we find it funny.  I’m part Italian and I laugh my ass off when people make Italian jokes.  Or when they point out stereo types because and let’s face it, they are usually true.  We couldn’t stop laughing.  Especially at the new term Barb came up with… Shitalian and Little Shitaly.
Later, we ended up getting on my adult dating site to have some laughs and did we ever.  One guy was trying to chat with us and begged for a pic so I sent him one.  He complimented me but failed to send a face pic of himself.  The only picture he had on his profile was of his cut abs so Barb and I said “Let’s see a pic of you Marky Mark.” and we couldn’t stop laughing.  For the full effect I started playing this on YouTube while we waited for a response.  The guy bailed after our request.  Guess the ab pic was not indeed his and he stole it off some Mark Walberg fan website.  Either that or he didn’t know who the hell Marky Mark was, got flustered and ran away.  It was probably some 19 year old posing as a 31 year old.
Then we checked out the profile of some dude who sent a wink to me.  Where do I begin?  When I first saw his picture I turned to Barb and said, “You know what this picture says to me?  I’m NEVA getting married cause I’m a cool gigolo!”  Night At The Roxbury theme music started playing in my head.  I didn’t even need to read the profile to know what he thought of himself but we read it and it was totally confirmed.  He thought very highly of himself.
Two words in the guy’s handle were “Sexy and tan” and he seemed to use that word everywhere.  His mood was sexy, he had sexy blue eyes, etc. etc.  As for the guys tan…. umm yeah, think John Kerry orange during the 2004 election.  He had pictures of himself sprawled out on his leopard print sheets and pillows.  The only thing missing were gold chains around his neck and nestled in his chest hair. 
We witnessed other things on the site that were funny and scary at the same time but I’ll stop there.  I don’t want to frighten you more than I’m sure I already have.

2 Responses to “Little Shitaly, Marky Mark and the Gigolo”

  1. Nail Whore Says:

    OMG Laughing my ass off all over again! That was a VERY comical night… Marky Mark!! LOL

    sexytan was the EXACT same color as Karrot…. I mean Kerry… remember picturing sexytans face on that one thing…. lmfao!

    And the friggin shitalian thing!! HAHAHAHAAAAAAA Grow up baby!!! I almost want to go out into the kitchen and just say it behind a cough or something to see his face….. Maybe he’d spank me…… ~wishful thinking~

    Oh my word, my tummy hurts so hard from laughing again…

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I’m in a fit of giggles right now dude.

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