I'm Getting A Lesson

My friend has been especially great to me in my times of unemployment.  Besides laughter therapy and just being a great friend in general, she has continued to do my nails at VERY reduced rates for me until I find work.  She doesn’t have to do this.  The gesture itself means a lot to me and it really does help me out in a big way.
We were chatting last night about the upcoming holidays.  The good, the bad and everything in between.  We ended up talking about Christmas trees and how the one I bought the year before last was just too damn big.  Even though it’s a slender tree (which is the style I love) it is nine feet.  Even though it is a top quality tree from Paddock, is pre-lit with TONS of lights and is beautiful, again, it’s nine feet.  Just too big and too much of a hassle to put together and decorate (why do we always think bigger is better?)  Last year I decided to downgrade to a smaller, slender pre-lit tree that I got from K-mart.  Believe it or not, it’s beautiful and perfect.
Well my friend was telling me how they always get a real tree and the going rate for them.  Good Lord.  Then it dawned on me, “Hey, want my nine footer?  I still have it.  Only used it once.”  She happily accepted.  We tossed the idea of me selling it on Ebay but honestly, I’d rather give it to her and her family.  Especially with the major, major discounts she has given me for my nails.
I still haven’t forgotten the nice things that this one has done for me either.  She had her boyfriend recently repair the huge hole cut out in my ceiling from when they had to install the new air conditioner.  This was a HUGE thing and I appreciated it so much.  She’s also let me and my parents stay in a time share in Sedona one holiday.  Not to mention taking me on a road trip to California for a concert the last time I was laid off. 
She too is someone I consider a very good friend.  I have not forgotten these things and still try to think of how I’m going to pay her back.  She’d probably say I wouldn’t have to pay her back but, I’ll still do it because I really want to.  I’ll surprise her one of these days with something very special. 
Times are tough right now.  For a lot of people.  Having friends that care can mean the world.  I’m experiencing and looking at charity in many new ways than I ever have before.  If there is something I’m supposed to be learning from my experience I’m convinced that this may be one of those things.

2 Responses to “I'm Getting A Lesson”

  1. Nail Whore Says:

    alright… you are making me cry now! STOP IT!!!! Thank you for the tree. I love you so very much. You have been an incredible friend to me and I really dont know how I would have made it through these tough times without you! Big hugs to you my dear…

  2. It All Comes Back « Desert Martini Says:

    […] Wow.  Of course I happily accepted and I am touched.  We have 7th row.   Makes me think of this all over […]

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