It All Comes Back

One of my good friends Liz has just offered to pay me back for something I did for her. 
Her and I always go to the Chris Isaak shows.  One year she couldn’t afford it and so I was going to take another friend but a family emergency came up at the last minute and she couldn’t go either.  So I decided to just give the extra ticket to Liz since she was a big fan and couldn’t afford it this time.
Liz told me she owed me and she is going to pick up my Chris Isaak ticket for me this time as a re-payment for my generosity to her last time.  Wow.  Of course I happily accepted and I am touched.  We have 7th row.
Makes me think of this all over again.

One Response to “It All Comes Back”

  1. Nail Whore Says:

    Now shouldnt that be MY ticket????? LOLOL just kiddin ya! How cool that is of her to do… See, nice produces nice! You give me a tree, you get a ticket! AWESOME!!!!

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