Need A Training Professional For Your Organization?

I thought it was about time to do another career post and do a bit of networking.  I’m still looking for a career training position as a Training/Learning Manager/Director so if you are in need of or know anyone in need of a Training Professional let me know. 
I have over 16 years experience in training, e-learning, instructional design, sales and leadership roles.
Any lead, no matter how big or small would be helpful and I’m willing to travel and/or relocate.
I also just added a little logo and link to my career page at the bottom of the sidebar.  My career page has my resume, examples of my instructional design and more.

One Response to “Need A Training Professional For Your Organization?”

  1. pirateking Says:

    Through linkedin I sent an email listing the VzB jobs avail in AZ right now. Let me know if you didn’t get it…

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