Friends Don't Let Friends Spam

For some reason I’m getting more spam than usual.  But what’s worse is I’m noticing a few friends of mine are sending me more and more crap on email.  I’m not talking the occasional links and things that some of my blogger friends send that know I would be interested in.  I’m talking all those stupid chain letters and jokes and patriotic stuff (even though I love the troops and all), prayers or “fill this out and send it back to me this is an experiment for my kids class”, or the big long write ups on some product that is bad for you or the long write ups on something they are passing around on Obama (usually this crap is all false through anyway).
I have told my friends and family to not include me on these lists before and they managed to respect my request.  But it has been some years since then and now, for some reason some of them are starting to send all this crap again.  Ugh.  It’s just a time waster.  It’s wasted cyber space in my mailbox and more crap I have to spend time reading, sorting or deleting. 
Then another friend has decided to do something great with her daughter and sell AVON together as her first job.  Cool.  I’m all for that.  But when you start sending me your AVON spam on the weekly specials, I get a little peeved.  Especially when people know I have been unemployed for over a year so I don’t think I’ll be buying anything soon, nor will I pass it on to friends because they are struggling too.  And I already have your website if I’m interested.
I’m already on this computer enough trying to find jobs, working on my job websites, filling out 1 to 2 hour long job applications (no joke), searching jobboards, networking, checking job email and regular email, blogging and such.  I don’t need to read about prayer chain letters and all that other crap on top of it.  I’m glad you HAVE A JOB where you can sit around forwarding junk or be a housewife who DOESN’T HAVE TO WORK forwarding this junk.  How about forwarding me some job leads where you work or your husbands work instead?  Now there’s a thought.
Yes, I know, I’ll just have to politely ask AGAIN for them to exclude me on this stuff.  Again, I don’t mind it if it’s occasional.  I don’t mind when friends send me things they know I’ll be interested in like a certain Youtube link or link to an article.  But when you have all this time to send me oodles and oodles of time wasting junk… I get a bit peeved.
I don’t know, I guess I’m being mean about it.

4 Responses to “Friends Don't Let Friends Spam”

  1. Nail Whore Says:

    MEANIE!!! just kiddin. Now I am going to send you all kinds of crap just to annoy you…. Now I am being mean… haha I totally understand where you are coming from. My sweet Isabella forwads me EVERY single piece of crap forwarded mail she receives. Makes me crazy!

    We decorated the tree tonight! Its beautiful!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    lol – I didn’t even think about your kids sending you stuff.

    I want to see the tree!!!!! Snap a pic and send it to me on mail NOW!

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Oh… and did the kids get over it not being real or is there sadness?

  4. Nail Whore Says:

    Hahaha Isabella came in the door and had her jaw dropped….. just stared at it.. It was funny. Giuliana was hollering thast so wrong.. I think the skinniness of it freaked them out more than anything. I love it and they are over it now. It looks so pretty. Im doing my nails right now. I will click a pic of the tree and send it in a while..

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