Creating The Best Selling Poster – Need Your Help

I’m thinking of the perfect gift for my dad and I’ll need all of my readers to help me vote.  Even if you have never commented before, would love to get as many opinions as possible.
No matter how many times I have seen the movie Top Gun, if I am in the presence of my dad, my mom and I always have to hear him go on and on about the elevator scene with Kelly McGillis in her little cap with her hair tucked in.  He has to comment about her big eyes and great lips.  But the line he always dwells on is, “If they would have made that into a poster of her, they would have sold a zillion copies!  Man, she looks so sexy there.”
Now I don’t know about it selling a zillion copies, but it’s obvious HE sure does like her look in that scene.  We never hear the end of it since that movie came out in the 80’s.
I have searched the internet and there are just no still photos to be found of Kelly McGillis in this Top Gun elevator scene.  So…. it was on TV one day and I snapped a bunch of close up pictures.  I’m not 100% sastisfied with them but… it’s the best I could do and it’s better than nothing.  Walgreens will take a photo and make a poster at some pretty reasonable prices.  I figure this would make his day and if I know my dad, he WILL hang it up and admire it.  TV screen lines and all.
So… which one do you think I should pick for this poster?  If you have a hard time deciding then give me your top three in order.  Click on the pics to see full size.
topgun01 topgun02 topgun03 topgun04  topgun05 topgun06 topgun07 topgun08 topgun09 topgun10 topgun11 topgun12

5 Responses to “Creating The Best Selling Poster – Need Your Help”

  1. Martini Girl Says:

    #2, #9 and #11 seem to be my top picks but hell… I don’t know.

  2. Vox Says:

    Couple of ideas:

    If you have any pics of your dad in his uniform, and could substitute him for Cruise in one of those shots it would be cool.

    If you could make a composite, say with #2 as the main, then a couple of the other shots in a row down the side.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Vox, I had actually thought of the 2nd idea you listed. Not sure if Walgreens would do it or how much extra they would charge. hmmm.. but now that I think about it, I guess I could always do the editing on one picture myself with the others first and then submit it. That could work.

    I have a great pic of my dad from younger Army days that would work for the first pic. I just don’t have any of him facing sideways for the others.

    Hell I could even have them make a calendar at this point since I have 12 shots. lol But I know he would like the poster better I think.

  4. Vox Says:

    Oooh, I really like the calendar idea. He could have variety – and always keep the pics for later display 😉

    Though, I can see that the poster fits with the history of the story better.

  5. Nail Whore Says:

    ha! 2 and 9 are my pics. You guys have some good ideas though.

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