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Things That Go Bump In the Night

I went to be pretty late last night and had a bit of trouble trying to get to sleep.  Finally, I started to drift off with my cat laying on top of me when suddenly I heard a ruckus of some sort and my cat flew off of me and out of my room.  It scared the crap out of me.
I couldn’t exactly tell what it was or what room it came from and so I got up to investigate.  Flipped on every light in and outside of my house.  Nothing.  I check the garage, I check every room.  No windows or doors are disturbed, nothing is broken or out of place.  Nothing.  But I know I didn’t imagine it because my cat is still spooked.
Then for some reason instinct tells me to look in my own bedroom closet and sure enough, one of the poles that clothes hang from gave way from the weight of my heavy  winter coat that I just hung in there a few days ago.  So pole, hangers and clothes all on the floor in a mess pile.  Just great.  Among that mess were the clothes I was going to be taking on my trip. 
But at least I now know what the noise was and can go back to sleep without worrying and I did.  Loud noises like that pulling me out of a sleep does freak me out a bit and it is those times that I do wish I had a man living with me.

Secret Santa

My good blogging buddies Cindy (aka Grumpy Bunny) and her husband Dennis made me a special batch of their homemade soap and lotion and secretly shipped it out to me. 
It’s so cute, they even gave it a special name on the labels called “Martini Girl’s Escape” and then left a cute line on their letter about the scent “If you like pina colada…”  lol  love it!  Smells so good and was so thoughtful of them.
I’m a bit late on giving the shout out and thank you to you both.  Thanks so much Gypsie Doodle!  And here is a little something for you, I love this song.  😉

New Year's Tunage

I put together a new play list for you to help bring in the new year.  The link will play all the songs/videos automatically for you.
Auld Lang Syne (love this version from the Sex and the City Movie)
Happy New Year 
New Year’s Day
Rock Around the Clock
Tiny Bubbles
In the Year 2525
The Final Countdown
Time (Clock of the Heart)
Does Anybody Know What Time It Is
Kiss Me At Midnight
Turn Back the Clock
Oh How the Years Go By
Another Year Has Gone By
Cheers Then
What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve
It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve
Same Old Lang Syne
As Time Goes By
When Harry Met Sally New Year’s Scene (just thought it was a nice scene to throw in)
Auld Lang Syne

Yeah… What She Said

First of all I love the title “Snakes on a Train” because it is just so damn fitting no matter who came up with it.  Vox has a good post about how Obama wants to use the train on the way to the White House.  How much is this going to cost in tax payer money?
“In trying to milk this “historic moment”, Barack Obama is creating an intensive logistical challenge. But what does that matter to a man so intent on glorifying himself? Clearly everything he does is about Obama, with very little thought about the country he was elected to lead.”
This is something that has come out of my mouth in almost those exact words.  This why I love Vox.  And I couldn’t agree with her more on the whole Carter comparison as well.  History keeps repeating itself.

Protected: On His List

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Take Me Home Tonight

Anticipating a great New Year’s and can’t seem to get this song out of my head by Eddie Money.