I'm Getting Some Online Dating Shock and Awe

Shock and Awe as in good and not bad.
First I met this guy.  Which by the way knows people in Fort Huachuca, AZ and tonight he passed my resume to them!  How cool is that?  The only down side is I don’t have a degree but it’s worth a shot.  Awfully nice of him.  
Then I met another nice guy from the same dating site that seemed to be half way decent.  Right now we are just exchanging emails.  There is a good chance he will get stationed in Fort Huachuca, AZ which is why he approached me.  What a cowinky dink huh?  Cute, smart, seems half way decent but not too sure on his intentions just yet.  I think he may not be really serious and just dabbling online.  But still nice meeting someone nice.
Then I met a cool guy on MySpace of all places!  He sent me a really decent email message so that right there made him stand out.  We had emailed back and forth a few times.  Then later we moved to Yahoo chat.  This one is in law enforcement.  We’ll call him “the cop.” We chatted for hours and time just got away from us. 
Surprisingly he seems normal and nice and funny.  lol yes, I’m actually shocked.  I think he was just as equally shocked about finding the same in me as well.  We actually have a LOT in common and he was really easy to talk to or should I say IM to.   We laughed quite a bit.
He told me I know more about him in the short time we talked than most people will ever know about him and that was a complete first.  Guys are often pleasantly surprised by that with me.  Hey, I’m a cool girl if people take the time and not give me jackass one liners and trying to get ass.  As long as a guy is honest and is himself, he gets the best of me.
The nice thing about all this too is he lives here in the Phoenix area. 
Whether anything moves forward or doesn’t, it’s still nice just getting some nice guys approaching me.

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