The To Do List Of A Single Martini Girl

Things will be scratched off as I finish them or god forbid things added.  Yes, this is the glam single life I’m leading.
Pay blood sucking home owners association
Check snail mail (curse when I find no Christmas cards)
Work on cover letter for Verizon (offer sexual favors)
Clean the living room
Clean the main bathroom
Clean kitchen (might be easier to just set fire to it)
Clean dining room
Finish Christmas decorations
Replace ornament that yours truly broke
Pick out clothes for Sunday
Get frustrated at my clothes selection and then go shopping for new outfit
TV repairman comes tomorrow (offer sex to pay?)
One load of laundry
Get nails done (hmm… slut red?  Oh wait, I meant Christmas red)
Get cat litter and clean cat box
More job searching/applying
Fix toilet (need to finish flushing the rest of my 401k down there)
Start reading one of the many books on my night stand
Google sports so I can impress boys
Waxing, tweezing and other hellish girl grooming
Slam three shots of tequila (should be done before waxing & sex with TV repair man)

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