Touchdown or Fumble… The Jury's Still Out

Went to the Cardinals game on my first date with the cop.  What a great first date!  Something different and I do like that.  The game was fun, the stadium is beautiful and the weather awesome – gotta love Arizona.  I had a beer and I don’t normally drink beer – actually it was kind of tasty.  Then again, it’s those tastebuds of mine that have changed.  Who would have thought I would be drinking a beer.  Yeah, that’s me, girl on the edge!
We did get a bit of entertainment.  Two guys were on their way to their seats next to us and one of them fell down on the stairs and splashed his drink all over the people on the other side of us.  I watched him as he got up and made his way past us to his seat.  He was all wet from his drink and had bits of food stuck in his go-tee.  Before he could sit down one of the ushers came and took him away.  She later came back and carded the other guy and told him that his buddy wasn’t allowed back in.  My date and I were talking with this guy and he said, ‘I’m staying put, I came all the way from Chandler’ and we laughed.  We chatted with him a bit throughout the game.  Fun, cute and friendly guy.
We decided to head out a little early.  The 4th quarter was dragging ass a bit and we thought it best to beat the rush out of there.  We were both pretty chatty on the way back to my place.  He came in and stayed for a visit and both of us chatted and laughed comfortably.  Then he got a call to go catch a bad guy (bounty hunter stuff) and on his way out he said he wanted to take me to dinner later in the week.  Not quite sure if this was just ‘fluff’ or if he really wants to see me again.  This guy is a little hard to read.  I think he’s being cautious or something.  The last woman he dated messed him over.
Not more than an hour later he called me from his stakeout just to chat for about 10 min.  Then later that evening he left me an IM saying they caught the bad guy.  Hmmm… maybe he is interested in me.  Not sure yet.
I kept analyzing it – I can’t help it, I do it with everything.  But then I stopped.  First dates never tell you anything really.  It’s usually not until the 2nd or 3rd date when you get the better feel for someone.  If it moves forward, great.  If not, screw it, I had fun.  And I deserved it.

One Response to “Touchdown or Fumble… The Jury's Still Out”

  1. Vox Says:

    I’m glad you had fun and I agree, you should just enjoy it. Too much analyzing willspoil the fun

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