Chicago Politics Still The Sleaziest

Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich faces corruption charges in Obama successor, corruption probe.
CHICAGO (Associated Press) —  Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested Tuesday on charges he brazenly conspired to sell or trade President-elect Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder as part of what federal prosecutors called a “political corruption crime spree.”

The FBI said in court papers that the governor was overheard on wiretaps over the last month conspiring to sell the Senate seat for campaign cash or plum jobs for himself or his wife, Patti, a real estate agent. He spoke of landing a job with a nonprofit foundation or a union-affiliated group, and even held out the possibility of a Cabinet appointment or ambassadorship for himself.

He was the latest in a long line of Illinois governors to become engulfed in scandal. Blagojevich was elected in 2003 as a reformer promising to clean up after former Gov. George Ryan, who is serving six years in prison for racketeering and fraud.

In court papers, the FBI said Blagojevich expressed frustration at being “stuck” as governor. “I want to make money,” the governor, whose salary is $177,412, was quoted as saying in one conversation.  Read the whole thing here.

This guys is a real dirt bag along with all of the others around him and before him.  I swear, they really need a “Rudy Giuliani” type of person to go into Chicago and clean up all sleazy shit going on in that city and state.  What’s even more disturbing to me is we are now going to have a U.S. President who came from this dirty, unethical Chicago politics machine.
Can you just imagine if Sarah Palin would have been found doing something like this as a Governor of her state?  Imagine the mainstream media going ape shit over the scandal.  Hell, she even busted people in her OWN PARTY and cleaned up Alaska politics.  She sold the Gov. private plane because she’s not about “money and status” but rather putting that money towards the state and tax payers – the people.  Obviously this guy cares nothing for the state of Illinois or it’s people and only about himself.
Polling was done in October about this guy and he has been ranked the lowest approval rating of all Gov. in the United States.  His approval ratings are even lower than George W. Bush.  Sarah Palin has had the highest Gov. approval ratings in the United States – even with those who may not be Republican or see eye to eye with her on her politics.

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