Twitter Tweeting

Ok, I have to admit, I now “get it” about Twitter.  It seems totally gay when you hear/read about it or someone tries to explain it to you.  But in all seriousness, you have to do it to really get it.  It does seem to get addicting and in fact makes people slack off on blogging because they are enjoying the tweeting so much.  lol I’m noticing that trend.
I do see this as a valuable tool starting to really unfold for media, politics, job networking and so on.  I’m sure celebrities will be getting on this bandwagon if they haven’t already.  Spamming already has.  I have to say it’s the one time I wish I did have a cell phone now, just to tweet.  Pathetic I know.  Especially since I loathe cell phones.
Vox has some interesting points on the subject too.  Oh and I thought this was an excellent post on the subject.  Why conservatives should Tweet and who they should follow.

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