Wading Through A Sea of Frogs

I signed up for another online dating site. Why I don’t know – lol. I mean this is such a sorry ass numbers game.

95% of these guys only seem to want and talk about sex. Okay, yes… I understand the male mind with that but I really wish men would back the hell off of that and mind their manners when meeting and talking with women online. Because it’s “online” they think they can be bold enough to start in with comments about sex, want to dirty chat, want to exchange pics and look for the casual hook up. Or wait and carry it over to you when on the phone, or worse, on the first date. Some of them will start off innocent… but it doesn’t take long for the sexual innuendos to start.

These are regular dating sites too. Dating. Get that men? Dating! An adult site is a different story but this is not Craigslist Casual Encounters mmm k? These jokers wouldn’t dare say or do the things they are doing with me online if they had met me at their place of work, church, school, the library, or anywhere else in public. Yet they think it’s ok because you had a profile “online” so that must mean these women want sex. It’s NOT peoples. Just like I’m sure these men wouldn’t dig women talking about marriage and kids with them after the first five min. of conversation or even little innuendos and hints about it.

So I’ve still signed up for this other online dating site. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. lol I even put a not looking for the casual hook up disclaimer on the bottom of my profile and have on other profiles too – sadly these men fail to read the profile and pursue me with the “lets see what I can get away with” thing in mind anyway.

Still, I’m hopeful and try to remain positive. It’s a numbers game. You have to go through a LOT of frogs to find the genuine guys. Even the genuine guys want sex, but if you hold back and hide it, I still have more respect for you. I have met a few good guys online so I know they are out there. I know they are not all bad and there are some gentlemen left.

I tell ya though, within minutes of signing up on this new site, I got two instant messages, one email and about 15 members (the ones that allow to be visible) viewing my profile. I’m talking within 5 min. of my profile going live. Wow.

We’ll see how this one goes. I have a feeling it will be anything but dull.


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