Adam Walsh Case Finally Closed

I can remember when this story happened of the disappearance and murder of Adam Walsh.  I remember watching the made for TV movie on this story and realizing how absolutely horrifying this must have been for the parents.  It was heart breaking to watch.  Then to not have the closure on the case for 27 years must have been even more torturous beyond what we can imagine.  Now finally they have it.
I have always thought of John Walsh as a great man.  Because of this horrible murder of his son, he helped to change laws about missing children and not to mention all his work with capturing criminals with the show America’s Most Wanted.  He has dedicated his life to helping others.
It still sickens me that there are people out there that do such horrific acts, especially to children.
I’m just glad the family finally got some closure.  Even with closure, it still obviously can’t take away the great pain they are feeling for their loss.  Rest in peace Adam.



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