The Perfect Gift To Get Me

Hold the phone… I found the perfect gift for me if you ever wanted to get me something.  This cool purse
It’s one purse but you can change the look of your purse without having to buy a new one or move all of your stuff from one to the other.  It’s brilliant. 
I’m always buying (or was when I was employed) different purses so that I had some different colors and styles to go with the seasons and my outfits.  Yeah… I’m girly that way.  I never spent big bucks on designer bags though.  Cheap imitations are fine with me.  Having to store them in my closet is a bit challenging though.  And moving all my stuff from one to the other is a pain in the arse.

One Response to “The Perfect Gift To Get Me”

  1. GrumpyBunny Says:

    OMGosh – I just saw a commercial for them last week. Apparently QVC has been carrying them/it since October or September. I may have to try one out…

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