Ho Ho Holy Crap

I was out yesterday getting my car serviced around 10am and couldn’t believe all the traffic and business that was going on.  I mean why aren’t these people at work?  Traffic was horrendous!  You have all the snow birds here and they were out in droves.  You had all the other people which I’m just assuming were people in town visiting or everyone must have been off work yesterday to Christmas shop. 
Not to mention all that crappy construction going on Thunderbird road.  I live right smack dab in the middle of that mess.  I have to drive through it right or left and it sucks.  Everything is down to one lane and just makes traffic really, really bad. 
It was so bad yesterday that even when getting the green light finally I still couldn’t turn left because all the traffic was clogged up in that one lane and already backed up and hanging in the intersection.
At another intersection I was about to make my left turn when this old geezer who was on the opposite side going to make a left turn also, got so impatient with the backed up traffic he decides (as I’m making my left) to jerk his wheel and car out of that lane and drive straight through the intersection nearly missing a head on with me.  I had/saw 3 other similar occurrences like this in the span of 30 min.  Scary.  You people are nuts and you all do this every holiday season.  I loathe doing ANY errands this time of year. 
Calm down folks.

One Response to “Ho Ho Holy Crap”

  1. GwumpyWabbt Says:

    Yep, I won’t set foot in a mall from Thanksgiving to about Jan 30th…

    I order just about everything on-line for gifts or visit strip “mall” stores – usually less crowded.

    Did just go to Target by our house to get some tissue paper (for the biz) and couldn’t resist getting a little Christmas sweater (50% off) for one of the pooches (she has no body fat) and much to Hubster’s embarrassment, she loves wearing them. I waited until they’d been open an hour…to avoid possibly getting crushed.

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