Merry Merry!

merrymerryI woke up this morning and didn’t realize it was Christmas Eve at first.  It was a weird thing.  My parents are in Las Vegas and I declined to go with them even though they offered me a room.  Just didn’t feel like being in the car and spending Christmas in Vegas.  Normally I like Vegas but just not really feeling it this year.
This year I didn’t shop for any gifts (unemployment will do that to you) but I still may just get one or two things for my folks.  I did bake some goodies that I will give them as well.  After my parents get back we’ll get together for a nice dinner and a small present exchange at their place.
I’ll probably pop over to their place and spend the night tonight.  I’ll let their cat run around and give her some company and kick back with some great TV.  They have the awesome big HDTV with lots of paid movie channels and Bose speakers.  I can’t resist hearing “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!” in surround sound.  ha.   I’m actually looking forward to it since I’m feeling a bit run down.  So it will be a nice and restful Christmas.  
I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas whether you are with your friends, families or even if you are on your own, as I know many are, especially soldiers.  In fact, here’s a nice video clip that I’ll send out to you.  The clip is of Chris Isaak who had some nice things to say about the troops and he plays one of my favorite Christmas songs that he wrote, Washington Square.  Very pretty and fitting song.

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