Secret Santa

My good blogging buddies Cindy (aka Grumpy Bunny) and her husband Dennis made me a special batch of their homemade soap and lotion and secretly shipped it out to me. 
It’s so cute, they even gave it a special name on the labels called “Martini Girl’s Escape” and then left a cute line on their letter about the scent “If you like pina colada…”  lol  love it!  Smells so good and was so thoughtful of them.
I’m a bit late on giving the shout out and thank you to you both.  Thanks so much Gypsie Doodle!  And here is a little something for you, I love this song.  😉

3 Responses to “Secret Santa”

  1. EricB Says:

    Make sure I get to see that!!!

  2. Nail Whore Says:

    Oh I am jealous!! Do you know when they will be ready to sell online because I LOVE their product and will push it to all my nail tech friends when thay are ready!! I think I want to order some plumeria lotion and soap for myself…. I love plumeria.

  3. GrumpyBunny Says:

    Nail Whore – there is a “contact us” page on the website. I have been using that for a few clients when they leave a comment letting me know what they want – it sends an email to our business email account and I do check that every day.

    I’ll be working the next few days to take pictures of the soaps and get the shopping cart going.

    And we do have some plumeria soap in stock; the lotion will be fresh as I don’t have any made currently, but unlike the soap it doesn’t have to cure for 3 weeks… 🙂

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