Don't You Eyeball Me Boy

I’m sitting in my cozy house and out of the blue one of my favorite movies comes on… An Officer and a Gentleman.  It’s still a really great flick and I never grow tired of it.   Of course I like most military movies and I’m also a sucker for a Cinderella story.  In this case both Gere and Winger’s characters are both Cinderella in each of their circumstances. 
It even has one of my favorite songs too.  Great, great song.  I just hope and pray that this movie will NEVER be re-made as Hollywood seems to do these days.  I hate that.  Leave good movies alone and stop re-making them!
Who can forget that great picture perfect ending?  Yes, yes… it was a cheesy and a typical fantasy Hollywood ending but I don’t care.  I’m a romantic believer.  I love that shit.

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