Overwhelmed or Just Thinking About Sex?

I’m thinking it could be both.  I know it can be very boring to hear about people’s dreams but they interest me.  Out of the zillions of dreams I have and out of the ones I happen to remember, there is one reoccurring “theme” that pops up now and again. 
It’s water and it overflowing or flooding.
Most of the time it’s in bathrooms.  Either some weird public bathroom or at someone else’s house.  Either the sinks or toilets are overflowing and water is all over the place.  Most of the time the bathrooms and water are clean.  Sometimes it’s really disgusting and dirty.
Sometimes it’s not always in bathrooms.  A few times it’s been a pool or hot tub of some sort.  Once it was some random stairwell where water was just flooding in at the top of the stairs and coming down towards me as I’m at the bottom looking up at it.
During these dreams I’ve never really had any major panic or fearful emotions.  The emotion I’ll feel is a bit “concerned” and wonder what is going on and how weird it is that it is happening for no reason.  The only time I felt stronger emotion of fear was when a bathroom and it’s spillage was so dirty and disgusting.  But I think that was only once or twice.
Last night I had a vivid one, I was in some new house my parents had bought.  It was a wealthy type of home.  The basement was completely re-done to house a HUGE heated swimming pool.  It also had like 3 different hot tubs and it had a bathroom, separate shower and sauna.  Of course all the hot tubs and pool were running and they were all overflowing together and water was getting everywhere.  It was also really warm.  I remember in the dream coming upstairs and telling my dad and he told me it did that sometimes and not to worry, it would stop soon on it’s own.
The flooding in my dreams are only a few inches deep and I wake up or change dreams before it gets too bad.
This last dream just finally had me curious so I looked it up.  I looked at quite a few sites and dream dictionaries and this is the jist…
  • Water is a universal symbol for emotion, and thus a dream of a flood or overflowing indicates that a plethora of deep feelings is coming the dreamers way.
  • If the flood is warm, gentle and comforting, the feelings will be positive and possibly could involve romance.  But if the flood is dark, cold and overwhelming, be prepared for emotional turmoil.
  • Water at times represents the flow of life and this dream may point to your feelings of being overwhelmed by it.
  • Depending on the content of the dream and your emotional experience in it, the flood or overflowing could also represent sexuality and be a sexual dream symbol.
  • This suggests a need for self-renewal and escape from everyday problems. You need to rid yourself of the burdens that you have been carrying.
  • Alternatively, it indicates your mood for love and pursuit of pleasure and relaxation.
  • The water that overflows is just a representation of daily day problems that have gotten out of control
So… none of these surprise me.  I’m definitely feeling overwhelmed with my unemployment and money situation.  Trying to escape those everyday problems – yep.  And then the one about sex and romance – and that’s an overwhelming one I’m going through as well.

9 Responses to “Overwhelmed or Just Thinking About Sex?”

  1. EricB Says:

    Well I tried to help as much as I could with a couple of those aspects you mentioned.

  2. Vox Says:

    I don’t know how much you can control your dreams, but I would certainly (as long as it is one of those clean, pool/tub water dreams) try laying down in it. See if you can float, enjoy the warmth.

    It would be interesting to see if the dream continues after that, and how you felt when you woke up

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    It’s rare I can control the dream. I’ve only been able to do that a few times, but I have done it. I’ll try it. It actually would have been perfect for this one since it was warm, clean water in a fairly safe surrounding.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Which is why I’m dreaming the way I am. 😉

  5. It’s Following Me « Desert Martini Says:

    […] photo by Scott Mutter.  It was reminding me of my reoccurring water overflowing dreams I just posted about.   Interesting… I was upset and really mad about my situation in the store and then this […]

  6. gcotharn Says:

    Fun blog. Love the photos – including the sexy photos taken at arm’s length. Best of luck to both you and the Cardinals.

  7. gcotharn Says:

    okay, just realized I clicked a partial website address above and accidentally linked to a blogpost instead of to my entire blog – and since I commented that your photos are sexy and then linked to a blogpost entitled “joyous ecstasy” it looks as though I might be flirting – which, I am in favor of flirting, yet linking to “joyous ecstasy” is a bit overt for my taste, and therefore I am offended – not that you might think I am flirting, but rather that you might think I am a clumsy flirter – which I usually but not always am not! There. Ahem. I am a shy flirter sometimes – which means I am an ineffective flirter b/c: how can you be a good flirter if the object of your affection has no idea you are flirting? So, there is that. But, usually, when I work up the courage to flirt: I am not clumsy! So, whew, just wanted to get that straight. Heh.

    Still like your blog. Still think your photos are sexy.

  8. Martini Girl Says:

    @gcotharn – lol no problem. Thanks for the compliments.

  9. Ooooo Dreeeam Weaver… « Desert Martini Says:

    […] water in my dreams.  This one didn’t have flooding but still had water.  I read back on this old post and what water could mean.  Interesting I had the water part when dreaming of one thing and not […]

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