It's Following Me

One thing I forgot to mention in this post when I was having an emotional tantrum in my head during my visit to Hobby Lobby.  It  was something in particular I saw in the store.  In their poster/print section I came across the Escalator photo by Scott Mutter.  It was reminding me of my reoccurring water overflowing dreams I just posted about.
Interesting… I was upset and really mad about my situation in the store and then this theme comes up and presents itself again during my waking hours during this episode.  After staring at it for a few minutes, I thought I should probably buy it.  But then the thought flooded back to me in an instant on how I couldn’t because of my crappy situation which creates a lovely little catch 22 for me doesn’t it?
The quote on the poster says, “I’m a pilgrim on the edge, on the edge of my perception.  We are travelers at the edge, we are always at the edge of our perception.”
–Scott Mutter

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