Now This is What Gets My Phone Number

I always post such bad examples from the online dating sites and hardly any nice ones.  It’s not very balanced because this is how it is.  I get sooooo many bad ones and very, very few good ones.  But today I have a good one to share… or a good one so far.  We’ll call him 80’s Guy.
I get a very short two liner email from 80’s Guy.  Now I’m not too keen on those – I wish they would take more time in their first introduction email to me.  But some of them I respond to and try to pull it out of them.  A lot of times, they ignore my questions and continue to give me a one liner or be inappropriate.  But this guy actually took the time.  So here is our email exchange so far.
Him:  “Hi,
I was intrigued by your profile. Would you like to chat some time?
Me:  “Hi Xxx,
Thanks for the email.
Can you tell me what intriqued you about my profile?
Him:  “Hi Xxxx,
I was intrigued by a lot of things……
– Your appreciation of a good sense of humor
– Your knowledge of useless ’80’s information (the ’80’s was the best decade of music in my book)
– Your interest in traveling and adventure
– Your desire to find a strong and confident man
– Your great attitude
And above all……. Your beautiful smile, your obvious charm, and your curvy figure.
I think we may have something going here……
Anything special you would like to know about me?
Ok, very few men actually read my profile so I was already pleased.  Not only that but he asked a genuine opened ended question at the end.
Me:  “Hi Xxx,
First of all thank you for taking the time to write out an email and answering my question. Most of all, for taking the time to read my profile.
So far you seem like a gentleman and I like that. I’m kind of an old fashioned girl. Thank you for the compliments. 🙂
I have to agree with you about the 80’s music! The 80’s were the best of times in my book.
In your profile you said that you enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. What are some of those things besides sports?
I also noticed you like reading. I like that too. What was the last thing you have read?
Him:  “Sure. No need to say thanks – I’m a nice guy. That’s what nice guys do!
I am definitely a gentleman, and I think you’ll discover that very quickly. I like to open doors, and hold umbrellas, and if it rains enough to create puddles while we’re walking down the street, I’ll even lay my coat down over water so you don’t get your cute feet wet!
The ’80’s were the best. I’m pretty big into rock and heavy metal, and I think the ’80’s rock scene pretty much defined cool. I like it when bands like Poison and Motley Crue and Cinderlla swing through town on a reunion tour. Can’t miss those.
As far as activites go, I like to hike, fish, walk, and go on art tours – and I love to play my guitar and keyboard and write music.
The last book I finished was called “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters”, and it was a very good book that taught me some things about my relatinoships with my daughters.
OK, your turn!
Me:  “Hi Xxx,
I like to camp, go horseback riding, and LOVE to travel either long distance or short day trips. I have only been fishing once when I was a kid but I enjoyed it very much.
I like bowling, movies, reading. I like creative things too like decorating or making things though I haven’t done too much of that in a while.
The last book I read was “Generation Kill” by Evan Wright. It was the true story about the Marines First Recon during the first month or two of the invasion of Iraq. The author was a Rolling Stone reporter that was imbedded with them. It was a fantastic book and I couldn’t put it down! Haven’t had a good read like that in a long time.
If you are still interested in getting to know me why don’t you give me a call. 623-XXX-XXXX.
So…. when you are a nice guy, take the time, take a genuine interest, serious and not playing games, and write a decent email, well then you get my phone number.  We’ll see if he gives me a call.
This is the RIGHT way to talk to women on online dating sites gentlemen.  It’s about dating and not booty calls.  Believe it or not women are interested in what you have to say and what you are about.  You just have to show that and take an interest in the woman as well.
***UPDATE***  He called me and he seems like a nice guy.  He asked me out so I have a date for Sat. night.

4 Responses to “Now This is What Gets My Phone Number”

  1. GrumpyBunny Says:

    That is so great! Have fun!

  2. Lincoln Says:

    Anyone who likes Motley Crue can’t be trusted.

    Now if he had been a Chicago fan, I would have given you both my blessings. 😀

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Too funny Lincoln. You crack me up. I bet you are a fun guy to date.

  4. Lincoln Says:

    If I ever do get a date I’ll let you know if that’s really true or not. 😉

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