The Late Show

Decided on a whim to go to the late show at the movies tonight and saw Revolutionary Road.  I like the dramas.  I like Leonardo DiCaprio but this wasn’t his best performance in my opinion.  Kate Winslet was very good.  Kind of funny that Kathy Bates was in this too.   All three of them were in Titanic together.
I like that the story took place during the 1950’s.  Love the cars, the music and the snazzy clothes.
The storyline was decent even though it did seem to drag a bit.  But it was quite a downer of a movie.  Quite sad actually.  It takes a hard look at marriage.  You should marry the right person and you should not let your dreams, passions and zest for what you want to do in life die in that married life.  People seem to settle.  They do jobs they hate, live a quiet and boring life, lose their passion, let finances get in the way and so on. 
Or sometimes they settle because it’s not only what they know, but they let fear stop them from going after what they really want.
It’s also interesting to see how others who are also stuck don’t want to be happy for others who dare to be different or who try to get out.  They’d much rather you stay in the same situation and be miserable too.
It had kind of a shocking ending but of course I won’t give it away.  What a downer though.  But then, life is not always rosy and sometimes it’s refreshing to not always have the typical Hollywood ending.

One Response to “The Late Show”

  1. mobflix Says:

    In my opinion DiCaprio was his best in The Beach and Departed

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