Spring Can Bite My Ass

Two years in a row I had bees building a hive in my sprinkler box.  After having them removed a 2nd time, I plugged up the hole with a piece of brillo pad.  It worked because the following year they didn’t come back.
But today I went outside my front door to see what the local teens were doing to make so much noise, I noticed bees flying around.  Like 40 or 50 of them buzzing around by my roof area.  I can’t quite see where they are coming in and out of but it’s obvious they are hovering around and building a hive somewhere.  Freaking bastards!
I just called the bee people and it’s going to cost $125 to get rid of them.  Just great – that is over half of one of my unemployment checks.  Of course I HAVE to get rid of them or it will just get worse and worse and the hive will get bigger and bigger till infinity.  You can’t ignore bees.
I asked the woman on the phone why the hell they keep coming back to my house now?  She said they are attracted to where bees once were because they leave behind a scent.  Well that’s just great.  You would think these so called bee professionals would have something that takes care of the damn scent after they kill them off wouldn’t you?  Of course not, because they want you get bees again so you’ll call them next year right?  *sigh*
I’ll ask the guy when he comes over if they can do anything about the scent.  Stay tuned.  I hate spring.  I hate unemployment.  I hate this fucking economy.

Over Eager Telephone Man

Another dating prospect had contacted me through email and asked for me to call him right away.  He seemed cute and nice but I usually don’t give out my number that quickly but I called.  We chatted for a few and he seemed nice and pretty cool.
The next morning he called me around 9am.  I was in the bathroom and didn’t even know he had called till I checked my answering machine later.  Then I was out when he left another message.  Then he called me again but now I forget what I was doing.  I didn’t get the chance to call him back.
The next day he called while I was on the phone with someone.  Then he called while I was eating dinner and left some message saying this was his last call to me and if I was still interested to call him back.  Then he called yet again at 11:30pm but didn’t leave a message.  Also sprinkled through these calls today I got some with “blocked caller” calls too.  Not sure if it was him too but I am suspecting it is.  I think he even called early in the morning when I was in bed too, I can’t remember now.
So at midnight I sent him an email saying he just happened to catch me when I was out or on the phone and it was too late to call him back so that was why I was emailing him.  I told him to call the next day in the afternoon.  Well my phone ran at 6:30am the next morning with “blocked call” showing on my caller ID.  I was pissed and I think it was him.  He’s lucky I didn’t pick up.  Who the hell calls a person at 6:30am???  I was in bed and that was the night I didn’t sleep before and was barely drifting off when the phone woke me.
Later around 3 or 4pm I was on the phone and he beeped in.  I didn’t answer it because I needed to talk with the person I was on the phone with.  So a little over an hour later I called him back and left a message.  I told him that I was going out pretty soon and hopefully he would catch me before I left and that I would be home for a few hours.  He didn’t.  He instead called around 9:30 pm while I was out.
Then this morning I rolled out of bed around 10am and noticed he called and left a message on my answering machine.  He called around 7am.  I didn’t even hear the phone ring because I was asleep.  You should have heard this message.  He sounded all wore down and annoyed.  How “he has called me at all times and this doesn’t seem to be working, and well I guess we’ll see what happens and blah, blah, blah.  I guess call me if you can.  I’m going to work now.”  He was all sighing and shit too. 
Him acting all annoyed was annoying in itself to me.  I mean come on buddy, give me a break here.  It’s just a coincidence that you happen to call when I’m not available.  Or freaking too late at night or too freaking early in the morning.  Or how about just too much in general like you are desperate or something.  Geez.  Calm yourself buddy.
I called him back and left a message and told him “You sounded a bit annoyed on your last message.  *half chuckle* I’m sorry that you are.  You just happen to be catching me when I’m not available.  The best time to catch me are usually afternoons and most evenings.  The past few days I just happened to be out or in the middle of something when you called.  I am also going to a party this evening because a good friend of mine is leaving and I’ll be out the door at 6pm.  So give me a call before then and hopefully we can talk before then.”
So, I’m going to really try and make sure I’m available by not being on the phone with anyone and all that.  I mean, I can understand it being frustrating to him to a certain degree and it’s seriously been a fluke that I was out or in the bathroom or on the phone the exact times he called.  Calling before 9am and after 10pm I don’t really dig very much at all – so I’m not going to answer those calls.  But seriously, he needs to not call so much I mean come on…. leave one to two message and wait for a person to have the chance to call back.  Don’t call someone 20 times and get all pissed.  And men call women dramatic??

Perfect Weather… Play Ball!

It is 77 right now and there is an awesome cool breeze today.  This is the perfect weather!  I wish it would stay in the 70’s most of the time, but then again, even more people would be moving here and we don’t need that either.  I love hearing my wind chimes outside my window, the neighbor has some pretty ones too.
It’s also Spring Training right now too.  I live just up the street from the Peoria Sports complex where the Mariners and Padres do their spring training.  I love that they have things like Military Appreciation Day, Kids Day and other fun events and packages.  Sometimes I wish I had kids, this would be such fun stuff to take them to and it’s very affordable.  Lawn seating is only $6 – cheaper than going to the movies!
Anyone want to go with me to a game?

The Sandman, The Bank, and A Dating Prospect

One of these is about to get a phone shoved up their ass by me.  My phone has been ringing non-stop, especially the last two days and nights.  I can’t sleep again, been up all night.  I’m just about to FINALLY fall asleep and the phone rings at 6:30 in the god dammed morning.  Then again an hour later, then again an hour after that, then a few min. after that. 
I may or may not explain this in more detail in another blog post later.  If I’m sane.
It’s now 10:00 am and I’ve turned off all ringers.  It’s light outside and I have no idea if I’ll get to sleep.  This is bad for my health.  I can literally feel it draining the life out of me.

Throw Me Something Mister!

As I get older I like being around crowds less and less but I do wish at least once I could go and experience Mardi Gras.  It would be fun to go with some friends or a boyfriend.  Seeing the parades, the people, the costumes, getting some trinkets, enjoying the food and trying some king cake at least once.  I would love to go to one of those exclusive balls they have too.  I’m sure that’s an experience but they are strictly invitation only.
Personally I would like going to the day time parades better than the ones at night, less crowded and a little more tame.  It’s still wild but not as wild as it is there a night.  Being smashed by drunks fighting for beads combined with the smell of pee and vomit wouldn’t be that appealing to me.  It would be more fun cuddling with someone special up in the hotel room that night.
By the by, IHOP is celebrating Fat Tuesday by doing their free pancake day!  Yum.  Jack in the Box is also giving away 2 free tacos today.  There is a coupon link on the their site but I notice it doesn’t bring up the coupon so…. I’m wondering if they’ll honor the free tacos without the coupon since the link isn’t working.
And how about the perfect cocktail for the occasion?
– 2 oz light rum
– 2 oz dark rum
– 2 oz passion fruit juice
– 1 oz orange juice
– 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
– 1 tbsp simple syrup
– 1 tbsp grenadine
– Garnish: orange slice and cherry

Shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a hurricane glass. Garnish with a cherry and an orange slice.

History:  Hurricane was invented during the World War II at Pat O’Briens bar in New Orleans and was named after the shape of a hurricane lamp. Pat O’Briens bar is still open today in New Orleans’ famous French Quarter and sells their original Hurricane cocktail mix at the bar. 

Yes Virginia, There Is A War

I watched most of the Oscars the other night.  I did like certain things about it but I find I’m growing more and more bored and irritated with them each year.  Of course I hated the Susan Sarandon’s peace sign and all the political crap over recent years but the year Michael Moore won for his spinning and lies… I lost even more interest, not to mention, disgusted.
But I still find myself watching them.  I do love movies.  I always wanted to be an actress since I was a kid.  I do like glitz and glamour.  But as I mentioned, my interest in them is getting less and less.  I was so hoping no one would bring up their political crap but then we have Sean Asshole Penn with his liberal holier than thou speech.  *sigh*  Shut up Sean.  Seriously. 
One thing I noticed above all else though was the lack of any mention or thanks to the troops this year.  Interesting.  And very annoying.  So because we have a new President, everything in the past is swept away?  Including the fact we still have troops in harms way?  Sean Penn can cry and whine that the people who voted against gay marriage should be ashamed of themselves and that we have a great new President and yet the men and women who are still sacrificing being away from their families get the snub.
There were times I was in and out of the room though so it’s possible someone mentioned it.  Did anyone?  I doubt it.  I guess it’s not that big of deal because I’m sure the soldiers really could give a rats ass about what these “actors” think of them.  I personally know one who certainly doesn’t.  But it was still noticeable to me especially since we are still at war and it seems like everyone is forgetting that.

I'm Shocked MTV and HBO Won't Be Airing It

I mean come on…. the chosen one is going to address the nation world universe tonight.  I’m really wondering what he can say that will even make a difference.  Yes it will all be stuff like, “these are challenging times but YES WE CAN” and all that.  Who cares.  Nothing is going to work.  Bottom line, the economy is bad and it’s going to get worse.  Much worse and then finally, after some years, it will get better.  No matter who is president and what programs work and don’t work.  It’s just the way it is.  It just has to run it’s course.
But yes, every company needs a CEO to pump up it’s employees.  That’s all a President is.  The CEO of the United States.  So let’s gather round for some kool aid to drink.  Rah!  Rah!  Rah!  All will be wonderful again but of course he’ll be careful to say, “It takes time.”  Gotta secure himself for those next 4 years to “finish what we started” kinda thing right?
I’ll definitely be watching it tonight.  I’ve been away from the news too long.  I’m curious to see this.  I want to see a rainbow glow coming out of my TV screen from around his face and hear angels singing in the background ever so quietly and peacefully.  I’ll be waiting for it to magically rain skittles in my backyard along with a job, free health care and a house.
**UPDATE:  oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Bobby Jindal will give the GOP response after Obama speaks.  I’m looking forward to that.  I have liked this guy from the very start – he’s squared away and a rising star in the Republican Party.  He rocks in my opinion.