Arizona Unemployment – Completely Useless

I am so sick of the Arizona Unemployment Department.  It’s bad enough we are the 5th largest city in the nation and are in the BOTTOM 3 in the nation in payout amounts.  Unfreakingbelieveable.  I qualify for the highest amount based on my professional salary from when I got laid off and the amount doesn’t even cover minimum wage!
On top of this, it takes FOREVER for them to get your paperwork and finally get you benefits started.
On top of that, if they send you something in the mail that requires you to call them or fax them something to ensure your benefits continue without interruption good fucking luck.  EVERY single time I have had to do this their phone number is soooo busy that I NEVER get through.  No matter what time of day or what day of the week.  In fact the line is so busy I get the “all circuits are busy” phone recording.  I don’t even get put on hold or their own recording.  Their fax number is the same way.  Of course they only have one phone number and one fax number for the 5th largest city in the nation.
So what happens when I never get through on their phone lines?  Because I can’t get to them as they request me to do so, they cut off my benefits and I don’t get my unemployment checks.
Can I go online?  Yes – to file my weekly claims.  But to get online help on my account from the letter they sent?  NO.  They do have an email system set up that you have to jump through hoops to “verify” who you are.  It takes days for them to respond and they send you a secure link sent to you on your email to go to the website and get the useless answer stating you need to CALL them.  Brilliant.
The latest letter I got from them is telling me I only have two payments left on Unemployment Insurance and then it will be over.  “As our records indicate you are potentially eligible for regular benefits based on a new benefit year.  Please call the number listed below to determine which type of claim is now appropriate for you.  YOUR CALL IS NECESSARY TO AVOID ANY DELAY IN PAYMENT OF ADDITIONAL BENEFITS”  
Of course I haven’t been able to get through and they have stopped paying me!!!!!  I’m still trying to call.
So I look on the website for their office locations so that I can just go to one and do it in person since I can’t get through.  Uh… yeah…. not listed.  Oh and their phone recording (when I call after business hours) does NOT list the office locations either.  Brilliant again.  The recording says I have to go to the government blue pages in the phone book to look them up.  Of course I have a really OLD phone book because I really don’t use them and throw them away.  I mean who the hell doesn’t list their fucking office locations on a website or phone recording?  Even in the old phone book… the locations are NOT listed.
For a nation that is an economic fiasco, you would think THIS organization would be staffed up and have more phone lines and fax lines for unemployment.  Hey Unemployment…. why don’t you help with the problem and HIRE the unemployed???? 

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  1. Vox Says:

    OK, maybe this question is too simplistic or I am missing something, but……

    If unemployment doesn’t even cover minimum wage, why wouldn’t you take a minimum wage job? It sounds like it would be better & spare you the frustration….? I see “now hiring” signs all the time, I would guess that $10 an hour is better than $0 an hour…or whatever DES decides to pay out.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Believe me I have tried Vox. Every single place I go I ask if they are hiring and they tell me no. Or they tell me to go to their website and apply – I have to many, many places and I don’t get called. This is including bottom of the barrel telemarketing call center jobs, retail and things like grocery stores. The only places I have not applied to are fast food or server jobs. Even the places that say “now hiring” are not calling me after I apply. Even all the job leads you have given me, I have tried and heard nothing. I couldn’t even find work in retail over the holidays.

    One of my friends who works at Chase said the HR person there had put out an opening for their call center customer service jobs, they only had two openings. They got over 4000 responses for 2 openings.

    It is really, really, really, REALLY bad out there. EVERYONE is looking for work.

  3. justbarbi Says:

    Wow Vox, that post seemed to be a bit snarky. If I am wrong I apologise. I can vouch forMartinigirl. I know she has been looking for ANYTHING she can get. People are NOT hiring and if they are the position gets filled so quick or there are so many people up for the job that there isnt even a call for an interview or whatever. Another problem with minimum wage jobs is they NEVER give you full time. Companies dont want to pay for benifits anymore so you get 15-20 hours and another person gets 15-20 hours to fill the full time spot.. You do the math.

    Martinigirl has also lived off of savings she has made from work. Its not like she has sat around and milked the system waiting for handout.after handout.

    The initial post was about how screwed Unemployment is. I can vouch for that. It is impossible to get in contact with anyone. It is a system that is not manned very well at all and we all know it is done intentionally. If half the people cant get in touch for 2 or 3 weeks then they don’t have to pay out to those people for that long. Its easy to see through and its screwed!

    I know so many people who have lost their jobs lately. So many people needing unemployment. (that they have paid taxes for, for many years) so many people losing their houses. On and on and on. so if you still have a job and are able to do extra also please count your blessings. alright off my soap box here.

  4. Flower Says:

    Hi Desertmartini, I know I feel your pain the whole thing is rediculous. I mean I filed two weeks before Christmas thinking ok it shouldn’t take that long well today is Feb.9th and I still haven’t seen a dime however I keep filing stupid weekly claims online. I was thinking about going to the office on 7th St., but really think it will be a waste of time. Have you seen any money yet?

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    Yes I did get my money. It takes awhile for it to kick in as I mentioned. Plus now with so many people out of work I’m sure they are backed up since I can never get through on the phone. Just keep putting in your weekly claims, try to call them or email them and keep your eye out for things in the snail mail. Sometimes they send you stuff that you need to fill out and send in. If may not be a bad idea to go to their office just to find out the status on your account and make sure nothing is holding it up.

  6. Lynn Says:

    I am in the same boat as Martini Girl. I received my notice on 1/17/09. I have tried many, many times to reach the office as they requested and still have not been able to get through. I read that they are receiving over 8000 calls per hour, Quest is only letting about 300 calls through per hour. DES has 113 employees to handle all these calls. It is frustrating. I am trying to be patient. However, I am a single mother and I am going through my savings quickly as well. I feel for those families that have no savings to tide them over.

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  8. FishenFool Says:

    I can definitely agree about the state of AZUI. I received the same letter that Desert Martini mentioned and I was able to get thru to the number on my first try. They submitted a new claim for the new benefit year and I was told that there would be a 1 week delay after I file the first time on the new benefit year. I filed for week ending 03/07/09 and the site fucked up the first time I went thru it and said I didn’t agree to the last yes/no question thrown up by the site even though I did. I went back thru and it went thru. I checked back 24 hours later for payment info and it said, “Our records indicate for the week ending3/14/2009, you were not issued payment because of an unresolved issue on your claim. You have a remaining balance of 6,240.00.

    You will be mailed a form related to the issue(s) established on your claim. You must complete the form(s) with specific information related to each issue. The information you provide will be used to determine your eligibility for Unemployment Benefits. You are required to return the form within five working days from the mailing date of the form either by fax or mail. The fax number and address are provided for you on the form.” I was out of town at the time and figured this form they were yakking about would be in my bundle of mail when my mail delivery was resumed on 03/13/09 or that the statement was due to the 1 week delay I was told about. 03/14/09 and still don’t have a form so I filed for week ending for 03/14/09. When I checked the payment info on Monday I was told the same thing as the week before and when Monday’s mail came I still didn’t have the freaking form that they have now thrown up at me twice. Tried calling the STOOPID Call Center today and I either get a message about all circuits are busy or if I make thru to DES as soon as I select option 1 to speak in English get a message stating that since they have such a high call volume they aren’t accepting any calls and a suggestion to visit the absolutely useless website and then it hangs up. It is a damn good thing that most of our bills are paid by my mate’s disability or I can foresee us living on the streets pretty soon while I am still waiting to resolve this issue with AZUI.

  9. Jimbo Says:

    Did you ever figure out what that form is? i have all thies same problems except now im out of my savings and trying to pick up scraps if i dont find a job or recieve thies benifits soon i will be evicted

  10. Jimbo Says:

    come to find out there are no longer any unemployment office’s in the valley everything is done by the call center the only way to get through to them is to continuely call them till you hear a welcome message 1st thing

  11. Michael Says:

    I was laid off in February, i filed my claim over six weeks ago, and not a penny yet, i did not get any severance pay and my savings are almost gone, when i first filed they sent me paperwork to fill out, i filled it out and put in the mail the next day, the stupid Website says i did not receive payment because of an unresolved issue, i cant even get through on the phone to find out what the problems is, i try calling every day, starting at 8am, no matter what day or time i can never get through. i cant find a job anywhere, if i did not have family in town i would be homeless.

  12. FishenFool Says:

    It was a form asking for clarification about my discharge that no one at DES asked anything about the previous year when my initial answers were the exact same thing. I finally got thru to the idiots and was told about it and they said they were mailing a new one. The new one arrived after another few days as did the original one one. I also received a 2nd copy of the Certification of Understanding which I signed and sent back and then the following day I received its original as well. Sent all this crap back in and after another week still get the same thing back when I look at the payment information. Spent long hours calling again and after finally talking to someone they removed 1 of the issues from my account and now it has to go to an adjudicator which may or may not happen before the week is over. When I asked how I could contact them I was told that they don’t have any kind of extension so they can’t be called to which I said that I now have to talk to someone impossible instead of merely next to impossible to contact. What a bunch of pricks!!! I haven’t received one dime in over 4 weeks and they have probably been using my money to make interest.

  13. Vox Says:

    Just to be clear – it isn’t “your money” and you didn’t “pay into unemployment for years”

    It’s insurance, and there are limits. If you make a claim on your auto insurance, they will pay you an agreed upon amount to, say, replace your stolen vehicle. They don’t then continue to pay you for car washes and gas.

    The money DES pays out comes from somewhere, and it isn’t the employees. It is a fee charged to employers – that means your employer, not you, paid into the fund all those years. In order for you to continue collecting, employers need to continue paying higher rates – leaving less money for them to hire additional employees. Or, the Feds need to allocate tax dollars – and you all know where those come from.

    You obviously feel it sucks that unemployment compensation is so low in AZ, but it was meant as an aid in times of crisis, not a long-term option. It wasn’t designed to replace your previous salary, it wasn’t designed to cover all of your expenses – and it sure as heck shouldn’t be easy. In fact, there used to be a time when they required you to *prove* you had been looking for work – now they just take your word for it. Filling out forms & dealing with busy signals seem like minor frustrations – and you have to realize you are dealing with a government entity. The bureaucrats are not know for their overwhelming efficiency.

    Either it is worth it to you to jump through the hoops for $240 a week or it isn’t. Only you can decide.

  14. Jessy Says:

    Do they ever pay you for the weeks you are waiting for unemployment benefits?

  15. Don Says:

    OH MY FUCKING GOD! After hanging up and redialing the AZUI Cust Serv # 256 times, I finally got through to the “Welcome” message. So I’m thinking finally… get to talk to someone. So I push all the correct buttons, enter my SSN, then my PIN #, then I heard a ringing sound, as if I was being connected… OH Nooo… that would make sense, to actually connect me to someone, or even wait in a queue, but nope, some answering machine kicks in, with a female voice then says, were sorry, we are experiencing a high volume of calls and cannot take your call at this time, thank you and good bye! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! No matter what you do, you CANNOT get through to these bastards. We need to write to our legislation or something, this is absolutely ridiculous! AZUI is not the solution, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM! Ohhhh I’m so pissed and need to vent, thank you.

  16. Don Says:

    Very interesting article I just found, how can i sign up to be apart of this lawsuit is my questions, bastards. Absolute, theivery going on. Copy and paste this link to read from our local news station:

  17. Jessy Says:

    Don thanks for that article. Is crazy how bad unemployment is.

  18. Don Says:

    Jessy, no problem. I’m fortunate to have a little bit of money left in my bank account to live on, pay bills etc.., however, this unemployment income will help me stay a float till i can find a new job. I can only imagine the people with not even 2 nickels to rub together how this is affecting their families and ability to keep shelter over their heads. Really, really unfortunate, how DES has all the excuses in the world but can’t even get the job done. If every agent that is working at DES actually handled 40 claims a day they would make progress, my question is ..WTF are they doing all day. It shouldn’t take 4 fricking months to get someone up to speed to use a computer, answer a phone, look up someones claim and do the damn job. Sounds to me, the director of DES needs to lose his job and see what its like to be one of us for once and experience my cell phone bill for calling them 256 times with only 1 welcome message then get disconnected. I’m very frustrated, if you can’t tell. May the lawsuit WIN!!

  19. Another Don Says:

    If I can ad my 2 cents worth here, I found your site by Googling “You will be mailed a form related to the issue(s) established on your claim…” blah blah …”The fax number and address are provided for you on the form.”

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been seeing that same message on the check last week’s online form for 9 weeks now. Like everyone else, I’ve tried everything (except fax–don’t have that installed on my computer). A week ago, I finally got through to a real live human (a woman–can’t recall her name) who told me that my application was fine, that that message was boilerplate, and that I was in the adjudication process. She also said that there is a 6-8 week waiting period (no matter what the web site or you mailed docs tell you).

    I must have sent out 200 resumes, and not one interview. I’m really not holding out much hope here. I’m one of those who will be homeless in two weeks. Just thought I’d vent.

    Has anyone received payments, and if so, how long did it take to start?

    God help us all.

  20. Stephen Estes Says:

    I have to add my experience as well. I am trying to get my benefits as well. Like everyone else I am waiting for my paltry 240 a week. It’s been 6 weeks now. I filled out the letter and faxed it back the day I got it too. My family and I are also close to being homeless, I predict 2 weeks and if I could get my benefits I would at least have enough to pay the rent and save a little time. I’ve also filled out hundreds of online applications and haven’t received a single call back. I can’t understand this. I am experienced and qualified, educated and reliable. There has to be something we can all do to make this right. The agency needs to know that they are fucking around with peoples lives here. Anyone have any ideas what we may be able to do, you should email it to me at

  21. Jessy Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I know this is not a good time for anyone. I just wanted to bring some relaxation to who ever I could. My husband had been waiting for almost two months until he finally received his first check. He received five weeks of money. It was good because we are not going to be homeless…so I really do not know why it takes so long to ge a check but at least they give you some money for the weeks you waited. Good luck to all. I will keep praying.

  22. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks to everyone who has been commenting. I feel all of your pain. These are really bad times right now. The one thing I can tell you is the Unemployment office/system does work the way it is supposed to in regular times. The problem is that it is not regular times right now. EVERYONE is looking for work and sooooo many layoffs. So it makes the system broken. I just wish they would get on the stick and do emergency hiring/training because this is indeed a crisis. Hang in there everyone and keep commenting. I promise that once I get on my feet again and get a proper job, I will make damn sure I help someone out here.

  23. Alexander Says:

    I have the ‘unresolved issue’ as well. I have contacted the support line several times. A tip for you people trying to get through… it’s a pain but just keep calling every 5-10 minutes, you will eventually get through! I usually get through within about 30 minutes of trying and then I am put on hold for about 15 minutes, but it’s better than the crappy message.

    Anyway it has only been about three weeks of waiting and according to the ‘customer service,’ my account is being reviewed by a judicator? I’m completely eligible but for some reason I have to wait weeks and weeks for them to look over everything. My friend was lucky enough to get his almost immediately. The customer service said they can’t do anything and I just have to wait it out, there is nothing further for me to do. But it’s complete bullshit, I have no idea what I am waiting for, and I can’t afford to wait weeks or even months.

  24. Arizona Says:

    I am in Arizona & have exhausted tier 1 & tier 1. The $25.00 a week benefit was added. HOWEVER the Obama tier 3 is not being paid by Arizona. No one is hiring.

    I lost my house to foreclosure after being unemployed. Also had to move back in with my parents in a rural area. A good amount of businesses here have closed or have laid people off.

    Will Arizona get a tier 3? I have been doing everything to hang onto my last prized possession – my vehicle, which is going to be repo’ed very soon if things do not change!

    Obama we are desperate & we who elected you need help.
    US in this country – not people in other countries.
    You can throw $ at huge companies but you are not helping US one bit.
    All Obama is going to disgrace this country & give us more taxes.
    For every Trillion spent every man woman & child alive will have to pay $4,000 in taxes to replay it. Obama spent 12 Trillion. Do the math!

  25. Alexander Says:

    While I don’t want this to turn into a political argument, I hate people complaining about Obama. He hasn’t even been through his honeymoon period and people are complaining. It’s ridiculous. The economy has been shit for guess what… YEARS. It’s not magically terrible because of Obama. He was handed the recession.

    Obama is listening to *gasp* ECONOMISTS… not politicians who know jack shit about the economy. (aka Bush) Also we are not going to get about of this recession without spending money, it’s economics, pure and simple. We are looking at YEARS of hardships, but it will turn around. Obama can’t magically make everything better overnight, it takes time. It didn’t take much time for Bush to quickly dismantle the HUGE SURPLUS that Clinton left our country now did it.

  26. Martini Girl Says:

    Alexander, on the same token you can’t just blame Bush for everything either. All those “bad arm loans” that got pushed out started back in the 90’s on Clinton’s watch. Democrats pushed banks to give homes to “everyone” even if they couldn’t afford it. And “outsourcing” which took many, many, many American jobs and moved them all overseas started happening in the 90’s too. You also need to keep in mind that the President can’t pass everything without congress and for the last few years on Bush’s watch it has been a Democrat controlled congress, not Republican. Congress knew about these problems back then and did nothing too.

    I don’t think the last commenter is saying that it is Obama’s fault the economy is bad but rather not been happy with what he has been doing to try and overcome it. Obama has very little experience – he’s very green. Raising taxes and giving free health care will not help stimulate the economy unfortunately. Just look at the 70’s with Jimmy Carter. He made the recession much worse by raising taxes and other things he did and didn’t do. History seems to be repeating itself. Even the state of Hawaii tried the “free” healthcare and they had to shut it down in less than a year because it failed.

    Government should not be controlling everything and not taking care of everyone. When the government does that (no matter which party) it cripples us more. Watch this and you’ll see my point. Honestly these links are a must watch no matter who you voted for.

  27. duane lewis Says:

    okay i have been calling the az unemployment office for the past 2 weeks and could never get through but found a trick!!!

    call the deaf/hearing impaired line you’ll hear a fax machince type noise press 1 then again a noise press 4 then a noise then put in your ss number golden got right through no pate at all!!!

  28. Alexander Says:

    Point taken Martini Girl. Again I wasn’t trying to take this too much off topic. Talking about politics is about as futile as religion. Both sides are usually in the wrong somehow ultimately anyway.

    But… back on topic… it has been my fourth week filing, going on fifth week this Sunday and still ‘unresolved issue on your claim’ error message. I have actually talked to the ‘help line’ several times, always getting the same answer… my claim is being looked over by a Judicator? But apparently I haven’t even been assigned one yet and the whole process takes 3-6 weeks. Well it has been almost five weeks now… lets see if they stick to their word. (unlikely)

  29. Martini Girl Says:

    So true about politics Alexander. lol

    Hang in there with your unemployment stuff. They are really, really backed up but I know that answer doesn’t help. It’s really crazy and insane times right now and I totally feel you.

  30. Arizona35 Says:

    Im in the same boat. I filed Feb 20 and I have no money coming in yet. I was approved within a week but have not been able to even file a single weekly claim. I finally got someone in the arizona workforce office to catch up my previous weeks claims and she told me i could start filing my weekly claims this week. Nope. Of course not. She told me that if I couldnt to come back to the office. I go back to the office and am told “we are only authorize to help you once”, you have to call the number. Ive been keeping track and ive called the ARRA helpline 442 times now…..on the plus side, if I actually get the “welcome” message I can now enter all my info in less than 40 seconds.

  31. Arizona35 Says:

    I got through the phone system to a real person. Yea!!! She tells me that they are missing information from the last week I worked and thats the reason I am having all the problems. Of course at no point had they asked me for this info. She then informs me that Im not eligible to receive money until I file 6-10 weeks by myself. So the last few weeks dont count because I have had to someone help me. She assured me I would be in the system and could start filing today. I call and Im still not in the system – which means this week wont count either. And I will have to spend another 20+ hrs trying to get through their phone system.

  32. JD Says:

    Just a heads-up for you folks out there. As if ADES wasn’t having enough problems, they decided to change the one thing that didn’t need fixin’ – they changed the process of filing weekly claims online by adding a new Password.
    Two tips:
    First, when you enter your weekly check amount, you must include the two zeros after the decimal point. For most people this would be 256.00
    Second – and most important – when you enter and confirm your new password, the PW must contain at least one upper-case letter; one lower-case letter, and one number. If you’re using Internet Explorer, it will tell you that. However, if you’re using Firefox, it won.t – it will just say “Done;” the windows will go blank, and it’ll leave you thinking “WTF?”

    Leave it to ADES to make a near-impossible process even more difficult.

    Good luck to all you job hunters out there!

  33. JD Says:

    EDIT: the amount mentioned above should be 265.00

  34. John Says:

    OMG I so 100% agree with the original blogger. The AZ DES UC situation is unbelievably BAD! They don’t HAVE any walk in offices. The run around between web/phone is so frustrating. And being that the economy is in the state that it’s in, you’d think they would help alleviate our frustrations rather than add to them

    I’ve been unemployed for a year and a month now, and have sent out 20-40 resumes to every type of job available. My last job was a director level six figure income in the real estate builder industry. Now I’m making $237 a week. Does it make sense for me to work 40 hours a week at a minimum wage job? What if I have day care costs?

    Yesterday I went to the EIUC site to file my weekly claim and I’m asked five questions for “added security” and then promoted to create and verify a new password. I do so, repeatedly, and I’m in an endless loop. The same page keeps loading over and over, no matter what passwords I use. So guess what? I can’t file my weekly claim! Do I spend the day calling? I’ve tried the site now for 24 hours without success.

    I’m glad I googled to find out if others are as frustrated as me. The poster two above said:

    Second – and most important – when you enter and confirm your new password, the PW must contain at least one upper-case letter; one lower-case letter, and one number. If you’re using Internet Explorer, it will tell you that. However, if you’re using Firefox, it won.t – it will just say “Done;” the windows will go blank, and it’ll leave you thinking “WTF?”

    I’m using Safari, so let’s see what happens now… egads… I should call 12 on your side. This is redonkadonk.

  35. John Says:

    I e-mailed the following:

    The Arizona Department of Economic Security needs a serious wake up call. We’re the 5th largest city in the country and rank in the bottom three for payout amounts*. It takes forever to get the paperwork through and benefits started. You have to jump through hoops of repeated 2-3 day waits from e-mail inquiries with responses to call, or calls returned to say go to the website. It’s as if there is one phone operator at the agency. If you don’t get the “all circuits are busy” recording, you get a recorded message saying to call on this day at this time if your last name starts with this letter. It doesn’t matter when you call, even after hours. There’s no getting through. Is there a DES office you can walk in to? No. Not anywhere in the state. And who’d want THAT job anyway?

    NOW! On Sunday yesterday, I went online to file my weekly claim and as if ADES wasn’t having enough problems, they decided to change the one thing that didn’t need fixin’ – they changed the process of filing weekly claims online by adding a new Password. Ok, no problem, I answer the five questions asked, didn’t take much time… but then I’m asked to enter a new password and verify it. I do so and I’m returned to the same new password/verify screen with both entries cleared. Glitch? Programmer error? Oh wow, I think, there are gonna be some pissed off people out there in unemployed-land.

    I tried again today, with the same results. Frustrated, and knowing yesterday’s e-mail will take a few days to hear a response from, and knowing that the phone (TIPS) line is a massive waste of time and energy, I turned to google and found the blog listed below.

    I’m on a Mac, using Safari. Apparently, you need to use at least 1 capital letter and 1 number in the new password, but nowhere does the site tell you this!!! I’m including screen shots from the two screens in question, and had I not found this blog, I’d probably end up missing an unemployment check. And that would hurt. I was earning over six figures, and to now be making $237 a week barely covers groceries.

    As the original poster on the blog referenced below said: “For a nation that is an economic fiasco, you would think THIS organization would be staffed up and have more phone lines and fax lines for unemployment. Hey Unemployment…. why don’t you help with the problem and HIRE the unemployed?”

    I know for a fact that 12 on your side would have a nearly limitless source of interview material and “horror stories” about the DES situation. It’s terrible! It truly is. Useless phone, limited online help, browser incompatibility issues, delays in processing… someone should give the state government a wake up call. Today! Especially with this latest web glitch. 12 on your side might. It certainly is a hot topic. And I, for one, get more ticked off at the situation every time it doesn’t go smoothly. As it should.

    John ******

    * Source: A Blogger:

  36. JD Says:

    And to add to the problem, the whole ADES server shut down yesterday (Monday) for a while, putting a lot of people even another day behind.

    Again – if you get caught in the Password Loop – it’s because your password doesn’t conform to the new requirements – your password MUST contain an upper-case letter; a lower-case letter; and a number. You will only be told this if you type a non-conforming password while using Internet Explorer. Thank God I tried IE after getting caught in the loop a half dozen times while using Firefox. What a stroke of luck!

    And . . . . WRITE IT DOWN!!!!!!!

  37. Maria Says:

    I voted for Obama because I thought I was no longer going to need to work. I was suppose to get money from the others in this country that work everyday. This really sucks. I have not recieved any money since he has been in office. I am not sure how much longer I can support my 6 kids on what little welfare we get. We may have to have a few more kids in order to qualify for more money.

  38. Kat Says:

    It took me 8 weeks to receive my first unemployment check after my initial paperwork. I received 5 weeks of unemployment all at once the very first payment so they do pay back to when you are first eligible.
    I’m scared that I will be homeless soon too though. Can’t afford my house payment on unemployment.

  39. frustrated Says:

    I have been unemployed for 3 months and have seen no unemployment benefits! I worked for DES and was a victim of their massive budget cuts. I try to call and all I get is a useless recording to ‘call back another time’ or the all circuits are busy. THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!!!! I also looked up the offices and went to one that was listed in Gilbert only to have the girl tell me that there are no offies anymore, everything has to be done online or on the phone. I emailed the office and actaully got a call back a couple of days later. That was over 5 weeks ago and still nothing…so I sent another email over 2 weeks ago thinking somebody would call me back…but no luck. What i think about is- what if I were in a very desperate situation? I mean, I am so lucky that my husband works and we get get (narrowly) by with his salary. But what if I was a single mother?? I would be homeless and starving by now with how the system works!! This is so ridiculous, I really feel that we should all come together and do something about it- the system cannot be this dysfunctional. People can’t afford this type of mishandling.

  40. Rude Awakening Says:

    I have been unemployed since Feb 09. I started my UI benefits in March 09, but have not received a dime to this day. It is now 14 weeks of filing a claim and not one has come through. I’ve seen some people here saying they haven’t gotten nothing for 4-5 weeks. But these are old messages, I wonder what their status is now, if they are even able to type on a computer b/c they are now homeless. 14 Weeks! I have been told the judicator b/s since day one. The azui system reads it will take 4 weeks to verify your unemployment status, but that is totally false. I get the same results all the time from email or a live person – judicator – no you cannot get a hold of one in person or on the phone. It’s like DES has fallen into the judicator message/ loop and cannot say anything else. It is pointless, If they would pay me up to date it would be around $3500 minus taxes. But this is a dream. They won’t ever pay. They will just watch me fill out useless claims and watch me slowly fade away into being homeless where filing a claim will be the last thing on the mind trying to find a place to sleep.

    This sucks!
    I look for work everyday! Have a child. Some interviews, but nothing as of yet. UI would really be a life saver right now, but this is a far dream

  41. Kelly Says:

    As if there weren’t enough horror stories on here I am adding my own. This problem isn’t new nor is it because of the current economic climate. I filed for benefits in 2007, the last time I was unemployed. I was denied because they couldn’t verify my information. The reason? The first time I ever filed for unemployment I was single, when I filed in 2007, I was married. I faxed and mailed in a copy of my marriage license and a full explanation 17 different times. Went through the appeals process, still got denied. I ended up getting a job before I ever got unemployment. Recently I found myself unemployed again, went to apply for benefits and the first thing they tell me is that my name and number do not match because they never entered the informationin their system the last time I applied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. JD Says:

    Well, they’ve done it again. My benefits ran out, so I had to file a new claim for the 20 week federal extension. Of course, the claim form is the same as the original, so they ask what your salary was and if you received any vacation or sick pay. So now I’ve been disqualified AGAIN for 4 weeks because of a vacation / sick pay check I received back in Nov ’08!!!!!
    Naturally, when I tried to fax in the form with a logical explanation of their mistake, the fax number was forever busy, so the guy at The UPS Store stopped trying. I drove to the Post Office and paid $13 to Express Mail it to them. That was a week ago and I’m still being disqualified. Again. For a month.

  43. Mike B Says:

    I am having the same probs with Az D.E.S, they suck balls! and arnt doing me any good. i try calling and once i actually get thru to them they don’t know what the fuk is going on and admit to under staffed and to much work load, THEN HIRE THE UNEMPLOYED!!! Fucking idiots~!

  44. Martini Girl Says:

    Yes, it’s actually come to this. I am taking donations to save my home now. (I’m the original poster of this post by the way)

  45. Stacey Fisk Says:

    I went to the unemployment office to find out what was going on with my application. I talked too lost of people, and the horror stories trying to get unemployment. I heard some people talk about them getting papers to log on and follow instructions at a website only for this not to work (these they got at the unemployment office). Others where the unemployment just stopped with out a change in their status, even though the tips line says they have a balance with money in. I even heard a guy say they told them “the checks in the mail”. I own struggle try to get my benefits is horrible. I finally got through to them for them to say I didn’t put a date on something. With the budget crises and their talking about shutting down state offices on the 1st of July them closing, if a decision is not made were screwed. It looks like the unemployment office is stalling on paying people, it seams like they ran out of money! Instead of telling the truth there trying to avoid the problem and acting like nothings happening. When federal released an extension for unemployment on April 30th 2009, they received more money from the government so what happened to it?

    I’m in the process of getting trying to get to the bottom of this. I have written a letter to unemployment, explaining what I have discovered. I plan on sending this along with a memo stating what should be done and why. I will be sending multiples of these documents to News channels and papers, state and federal legislators along with unemployment lawyers. I personal think there dicking everyone around. The good people of Arizona should think about suing the state for wrong doing. I hope a bro bono lawyer will see this as a big case and a way to put his face on a good cause. I am looking for unemployment horror stories to back up my facts. Please reply to this comment if you think were reaching a bigger problem and it needs addressing


  46. Don Says:

    Well first off, Stacey, you really should learn how to type a sentence in a clear, concise manner. I was reading your thread and it was, as if, you were on drugs or just go out of elementary. I would most certaintly, have a peer who can read and write, proof read any letters you plan on sending to any one of importance if you want a positive reflection for the people who live in Arizona.

  47. Stacey Fisk Says:

    Dear Don,

    Thank you for criticizing to someone who’s trying to help. I don’t see you doing anything but complaining and finding someone to take your anger out on. I’m sorry that you feel my blog reply was beneath you. It was more of a rant and status than a letter. As far as you criticizing work, your right I didn’t take that much of a look at it. Usually I let some check over my work, but in this case it wasn’t to a go official document. So I didn’t get it checked over.

    I do believe that I’m qualified to take this on. Considering my GPA of a 4.0. Also the fact that before I got laid of do to illness, I worked in a court reports office writing to lawyers all day. Lawyers are pretty picky about stuff like that.

    So go take your useless self and callous remarks to, someone who gives a crap about what you think about them. I have better things to do then respond to people like you, there are people that need my help. So stop wasting my time. I have work to do, do you? That’s right your probably unemployed just like the rest of use, at least I trying to help! What are you doing?

    Kiss my ass!

  48. Stacey Fisk Says:

    Sorry don, I screwed up a sentence so here’s the right blog. Yes I noticed one of my mistakes so I fixed the last sentence on the first paragraph.

    Dear Don,

    Thank you for criticizing to someone who’s trying to help. I don’t see you doing anything but complaining and finding someone to take your anger out on. I’m sorry that you feel my blog reply was beneath you. It was more of a rant and status than a letter. As far as you criticizing work, your right I didn’t take that much of a look at it. Usually I let some check over my work, but in this case it wasn’t a official document. So I didn’t get it checked over.

    I do believe that I’m qualified to take this on. Considering my GPA of a 4.0. Also the fact that before I got laid of do to illness, I worked in a court reports office writing to lawyers all day. Lawyers are pretty picky about stuff like that.

    So go take your useless self and callous remarks to, someone who gives a crap about what you think about them. I have better things to do then respond to people like you, there are people that need my help. So stop wasting my time. I have work to do, do you? That’s right your probably unemployed just like the rest of use, at least I trying to help! What are you doing?

    Kiss my ass!

  49. Don Says:

    If you took your head out of your ass for 2 seconds and navigate to almost the beginning of this thread, you would have realized that I was helping in here, not to mention, I provided a link for the lawyer that is pursuing a lawsuit against the State of AZ for appropriation of Federal Funds.

    You are most certaintly welcome for my criticizing or … evaluation of your complaint. I had to give my two cents worth as I couldn’t even follow half of what your original thread was complaining about.

    FYI: Having a 4.0GPA doesn’t make you qualified to do anything,but post a thread on here. Is that a 4.0 out of elementary, jr. high, undergrad, graduate, doctoral? Seriously, it doesn’t matter what your GPA is, but whatever.

    You most certaintly must “give a crap” about what I had said, otherwise, you wouldn’t be wasting your time replying to what I had said about your post. So surely, you do care and you must not have better things to do, obviously! 🙂 Secondly, I am employed, thank you very much. Was I, at the time of my original post several months ago unemployed, absolutely, thankfully, not any more though.

    If you’d like for me to kiss your ass sometime, just let me know when, I don’t hava a problem at all performing such an act on a gal such as yourself.


  50. Martini Girl Says:

    I don’t think Unemployment is “running out of money”, they have plenty of money. The employers or companies are the ones that pay unemployment. I believe how much they pay depends on their layoff record too. So if they are a company that lays off quite a bit then they pay more of that insurance to unemployment. The govt. has only recently put in money per the President, which wasn’t too much but I did see a teeny tiny increase. Usually the govt. doesn’t pay unemployment.

    Also, let us not fight on here. We are all in a world of hurt right now and picking on grammar and things like that are very unimportant in a thread like this. I welcome all of your comments on here if it’s venting what we are going through or trying to help. We should be trying to help each other find jobs.

  51. Stacey Says:

    Thank you, Martini Girl. I agree spelling and grammar is frivolous. We should not be fighting. I should have let his comment go. Unfortunately I’m hard headed, and felt the need to defend myself. I shouldn’t have gone to his level, I apologize.

    I understand that employers pay unemployment. They do pay into it, depending on their employment turn around. Although what about the employers that are smaller companies and don’t pay much. All the money that’s put into a community unemployment pool, if their payment is less than what the employee is granted from unemployment it doesn’t balance out. A good example is health insurance; you pay a premium and then a deductible. What you put in is actually not the cost of the bill, the bill is higher. There must be more money coming out of unemployment than money coming in.

  52. Stacey Says:

    The other thing is to consider is the company’s that have completely shut down. The unemployment insurance they pay couldn’t possibly cover letting go of all employees. That’s more out of the community unemployment pool, then what’s being put in.

  53. Don Says:

    Stacey, it is in my opinion you are way over thinking …over analyzing how money is disbursed. It’s great that you want to understand the process, but that doesn’t help anyone. How about posting links for jobs where readers can find jobs locally…like that might help someone.

    Also, when do I get to kiss your ass, I can’t wait?

  54. Martini Girl Says:

    Actually it does balance out with all the huge companies we have here in the valley paying into the system. The problem with Arizona is that our state unemployment system only gives a tiny pay out to the people who are unemployed. $240 a week which is one of the 3 lowest in the country which is outrageous. We are the 5th largest city in the nation and if I’m not mistaken the 2nd lowest in payout.

    It’s not that our unemployment system doesn’t have the money, they have PLENTY. They have just NEVER changed the pay out amount over many years. I was unemployed over 11 years ago and the payout was the same then. That is ridiculous that the payout has never gone up in all this time. Even minimum wage has gone up during the years.

    The other problem is that over the years they decided to shut down the actual offices and do everything “online” and through their call center. Now in normal times, that works but in a employment/economy crisis like today, that is NOT working due to the huge influx of everyone being out of work… so… they are very, very understaffed at the call center now which is why it’s a nightmare to get through.

    We need to be writing and calling our Governor, our congressmen and senators and that sort of thing about this. What is John McCain doing for us? These are the people that can help with the laws and move to action. If they are not getting any letters and phone calls, then they will ignore it. These are people we voted for to take care of our state and these people know we can also vote them out if they are not doing their jobs.

    When writing to these government officials, write a hand written letter, not typed. I know that sounds crazy in today’s tech world but hand written letters get read by these people – this actually came from John McCain’s lips when I met him back in the 90’s when he came to speak to our management group back when I worked at MCI. He said hand written letters get taken more seriously. He also said back then you have to call and write your elected leaders in office for things like this.

    So… we need to all come together and flood their office with calls and letters on a daily basis. We need to nag the shit out of them for something to get done and believe me, if they get flooded with this stuff, they will move to fix it because they all want their fat asses to stay employed in their positions.

    Trust me when I say they have plenty of money Stacey. They do. Even if a company shuts locations down in the valley, they have headquarters in other states. We have zillions of companies in the valley. We even have many companies here that are more behind the scenes in their locations here like Amazon, Netflix, Google, etc. Those companies are also here in the valley – they don’t have regular offices here but rather shipping centers or tech centers, etc. Money is not the issue, Arizona has one of the safest pools of it for unemployment – they just don’t distribute enough and have been stingy. Plus they are way, way, way understaffed.

    **UPDATE: It just occurred to me that maybe you are thinking that companies only pay unemployment insurance when lay offs happen or paying only for their own employees. ALL companies are paying into the system on a regular basis, not when people are layed off and not just for their own employees. Kind of like car insurance, you pay all the time even if you never have an accident for years and years. Even if you never have an accident your money goes to the insurance company which may in fact be paying for someone else’s accident. Make sense? So there are years and years and years worth of money in the unemployment fund from all the zillions of companies in the state of AZ.

  55. Gus Says:

    This is starting to make me sick. Filed 4th of May and no payments yet. My claim is to be looked over by a Judicator which has not even been assigned yet.

    This is bullshit.

  56. Chris Says:

    I’m in the same boat. At least you actually got a check. I filed on May 8th and I received a letter stating that I had to send them a copy of my last paystub to verify my vacation pay. That was May 12th. I haven’t heard anything since. When I check my claim online, it simply says that they are still processing the form I sent them on May 12th! Meanwhile, I’m about to lose my car and my rent is 3 weeks late. I’m living on less than $10 a day. I had to shut my cable off and can’t afford one of the boxes so no TV. Arizona unemployment has ruined my life! I’ve put in over 200 applications since being laid off and only received 3 interviews. Didn’t get any of those jobs. Can’t even get a minimum wage job the econmy is so bad. I’m thinking about moving to Gemany and staying with my cousin for a while. He says there is plenty of work for Americans there. What a shame. This country is no longer the greatest place to live. Thanks George!

  57. Jose Says:

    I understand exactly what you all are going through, I am on the Extended Federal Extension where everything is done my mail and fax and its very fusturating…although I am grateful to even have this extension. Here are some tips I have learned throughout the unemployment process and filing claims etc….if u have a question regarding you claim or even if it is your first time calling to file a new claim….call the unemployment call center number 6023642722….and of course you feel you can’t get trhough no matter what but if when you call the welcome message does not come on hang up asap and redial until you hear the welcome message…if you keep redialing and calling I always got trhough after the first several times! Once you get through…press option 1 for english then option 1 again…not option 4 bc it will always say to call back bc of the high volume of calls….option I says to file a claim and if u are calling to file a claim continue through with the automated process and you will be transfered to a reperesentative guranteed! Even if you are calling bc of an issue press option 1 and go trhough as if you are filing a new claim until you also get through to a rep! Hope this helps it has for me!

  58. Gus Says:

    Jose…I followed your steps and it worked like a charm. Thanks.

  59. Jose Says:

    I’m glad it worked for you gus! One thing I forgot to mention is that you also have to call according to the last number of your social and what day it says for you to call…otherwise it will say call back on whatever day the last number of your social is assigned too! So Gus you must have called on the day you were allowed too lol!

  60. Rude Awakening Says:

    I wanted to let everyone know here that I finally got my first check from UI after 17 weeks of filing. Here’s what I learned. If you are in the boat of waiting for an adjudicator, then count the days you first filed and then add 12 weeks to that. An adjucitaor should have an answer for you within 3 months. If you try to call in before this happens, they will not be able to help you. A supervisor will not be able to help you. In my case, 16 weeks was too long, so I did what others did and contacted our Govenor. I called and left a message and an assistant responded to my call. Remember, be professional, not irrate and frustrated. The assistant was very knowledge of the DES AZUI system and had questions of her own. She basicaly told me that I should at least have gotten a response if I were approved or not, and not stung out this long if I wasn’t. So she called a person and told me someone would call me within 72 hrs. That time went by, and I called the assistant again. This time a DES UI Supervisor called me and told me she was personaly assigning this to a person she knows and she would let me know something within 24 hrs. Then a case worker called me, and it was like day one again. She wanted to know why I left my last job, how long I was there, my side of the story and then she was going to call my past employer. She told me if she had any more problems she would call me direct. Keep in mind all these people gave my their name and direct numbers including the govenors assistant. After 3 days went by, my UI login info had changed. Instead of showing No Payments, it showed Payment Pending. 4 days after monitoring my login info, it finally showed the money and payments accepted. I did get a call back from the DES supervisor about a week later telling me I had gotten approved from DES, even though I had already knew, but I still liked the call. Bottom line is, it is freaking tuff! I have been on 9 face to face interviews, 4 phone interviews, all with no hiring. On 2 I was the top 3 candidates, but I just couldn’t close the deal. I still look for work right now even though UI is finally coming through. I was on the verge of selling my furniture to make it through one more month. All I own is the basics. Car, Room, Food, and Internet. I honestly don’t know how some could survive on the 3 month wait to get your first check. Just know that I had to wait 4 months and 1 week to get mine. I was down to $200 in the bank, taking care of a 2 yr old with no daycare, and no relatives near by. I did try calling every news station and they didn’t want to hear my story. The state finally helped me out. I now get Food Stamps, State Insurance, Childcare Assistance (for cheaper daycare) and Cash Assistance due to no job. I think a lot helped me out b/c of my 2yr old kid whom I am the sole caretaker for. I am now looking into liheap for cheaper electric bills. I am doing all this now incase it doesn’t get better anytime sooner. Once I start working I will drop all this free help, but I really need it right now. And all this didn’t happen at once, I had to go to several offices to get food stamps, insurance, cash assistance, etc. It was a working progress. Lots of long lines and explaining your living situations to see if you qualify.
    Bottom line, I need to find a job now with job security, but with only 1 phone call a week, it’s nearly impossible. I send out 1,500 resumes per week with cover letters. Have done some walk-ins too. – Slim Pickings who they decide to call for an interview.
    It’s hard, and I will keep praying for all you that are in desperate needs

  61. Rude Awakening Says:

    FYI: My original had the dates of my unemployment

    scroll up

    Rude Awakening Said:
    on June 13, 2009 at 12:24 am

  62. Gus Says:

    I wish to praise you for your deligent work. Many would have just given up in one way or another.

    I too have been waiting patiently and this morning I saw that payments equaling 9 weeks were sent electronically on the 10th (today!). However, Chase still shows zero balance. Do you happen to know when deposits are atually posted?

    Once again you should proud of yourself and your child has one hell of a parent.

  63. Gus Says:

    Can anyone tell me what day of the week payments are made? Thx.

  64. Jose Says:

    Ok…say you filed your weekly claim on Sunday…..the payment will be transfered to the bank on Monday, and won’t post to your account until Tuesday ..So basically within a couple days…

  65. Rude Awakening Says:

    I would say today. I too got word of electronic payment pending on a Friday. Payments showed up on Monday.
    I am happy for you! Just remember where you were at one time. To all others, hang in there. I know it’s hard, but something will come up. It has to.

  66. Craig Says:

    My claim, filed on May 30, had an “unresolved issue” re: severance pay. I have been trying, since then, to get it resolved. Visits to my local office get me nothing but “we are trying to help” and “call the number.” Today, for example, I have called over 500 times. Yesterday, over 600 times. I sometimes get the magic “Welcome!” recording (today, twice) but after entering my SSN, my PIN, and selecting 4 for “problems with your current claim” and hearing “please wait while we transfer your call” — the next thing I hear is “I’M SORRY. WE ARE EXPERIENCING A HIGH VOLUME OF CALLS. PLEASE TRY YOUR CALL AGAIN LATER. THANK YOU.” And then the line drops.

    It’s discouraging. Our government systems are broken. How much clearer could they make it, than to have you call them 600 times a day, and every single time, refuse to take your call.

    If there was a long line stretching down Central Avenue, in the heat, and I took a number, and my number was 5,734, and they were “currently serving 74” I would at least know I was in the queue. But this way? I can’t imagine the management of DES thinking they have any kind of working system.


  67. Jose Says:

    I am so fusturated! Ok I am on the Extended Federal Extension where I have to file weekly claims and certifications by mail and since the very first one I filed for which was for week ending 6/6/09…up until 7/11/09….I check onlone to see the status of any payments and it says there is an unresolved issue for each week!! Its kiiling me because I don’t know what the issue could be I have done everything right to my knowledge on the forms I sent! The only thing it tells me is that the reason is reproting requirements??? I contacted the UI cal center and the rep said it was some code reason and its being looked at… I just don’t know what to do… anyone else on the same EUI program as me?? Any one with the same issue??? Any adivce as to what to do to do?? HELP

  68. Tom Schwartz Says:

    Yes, I am in the same boat as you….I am on the Federal Extension Program where you have to send in weekly reports, and they send back blank claim forms.

    I received three weeks of benefit payments. Then all communication from AZUI stopped.

    I have, and continue to call, fax, email and send snail mail and still nothing. I heard Zip, Nada, NOTHING for Five Weeks.

    Finally I did get through to one rep in the call center who told me that I need to wait to hear from the department.

    I photo copied a blank claim form and have been sending it in every week since the middle of June.

    Finally after five weeks of trying to contact someone who could help me, I got a l letter from AZUI telling me that I have an issue regarding my claim and that I need to contact the department in five days or my benefits will stop.

    I have tried everything I know to get a hold of someone at AZUI who can help me.

    If Anyone has the same issue or advise on what to do, please let me know.


  69. Rob Says:

    I have a quick question. What does it mean when you see “discharge” under unresolved issues? Is my old employer trying to screw me out of unemployment insurance?

  70. Martini Girl Says:


    if you were “fired” or “terminated” from your job, you won’t qualify for unemployment. If you were “laid off” then you will. There is a difference.

    When you are fired/terminated from a job it usually means you broke a company policy, were on some sort of disciplinary action, did something inappropriate, etc. Keep in mind too that Arizona is an “at will” state meaning the employer can fire you for any reason – including not liking the color of your tie. It works both ways in that an employee can quit for any reason as well. If you quit your job you can’t get unemployment either.

    If you are laid off due to downsizing, the company restructuring and cutting costs, a company buy out, company going under, company eliminating the position, etc. Then that is a lay off and you qualify for unemployment because you did nothing to result in your job loss.

    My interpretation of the word discharge is a termination or being fired. But you will have to get in touch with the unemployment office to be sure and get the reason. Keep in mind the unemployment office may not have the exact reason and only have something generic like “broke company policy” or just “discharged.” Your last employer will have the exact reason.

    Hope this was helpful.

  71. mikenemo Says:

    martini girl pleasae email me @

  72. some1 whos not a snobby bitch Says:

    Apparently u are a very lucky soul and have never found yourself in a difficult position. The people that are posting on this blog are not losers or wellfare hungry slackers; these are people that are used to working everyday of their lives and have never asked for assistance before. Its not like they WANT to use unemployment, they HAVE to seeing as how there are NO jobs out there. And being that these people normally work for a living, they did pay into the program being that wellfare and public assistance programs are all funded by Americans tax paying dollars, that’s where your state tax goes genious. It is called insurance for a reason, insurance in case you lose your job for reason that is beyond your control.actually, why are you even on here?? This blog is meant to help people that are in tight situations and it seems like you have nothing better to do than bash on them. What kind of person does that make you? Just because things are easier for you, you think you’re better than people that have been beaten down by the economy?? Fuck you Vox. Ur probably one of the morons working for DES.

  73. some1 whos not a snobby bitch Says:

    You make me sick! Go back to Mexico and stop spreading ur nasty kids all over my beautiful country u dirty ass beaner!

  74. van1llabeeen Says:

    So I have been unemployed since may 3rd and made my claim that day. I had to wait 7 weeks before I received payment for 6 of those weeks but got evicted while I was waiting. Long story short; I’m living with relatives now in like the middle of nowhere so am very limited to jobs and my regular internet got shut off so I’m confined to mobile. I have not received a payment since the one I got in July with the 6 weeks backpay and it says that the weeks since then are ‘disqualified due to reporting requirements’. I have done everything right as far as filing claims and have not received anything in the mail and of course just like everyone else in here I can’t get a hold of anyone on that useless phone number and can’t get help at the local office from the lazy son of a bitches. Anyone have any advice? Its been like 5 weeks since my last payment and I don’t know why its saying disqualified.and no I did not do anything stupid like use the card in a casino; I know some idiot that did that with his and lost his benefits for it.

  75. Peggy Says:

    Now when you call Az unemployment its not even busy. The phones just keep ringing. Makes you think that you’ll finally get through huh.

  76. Peggy Says:

    It literally took me 5 weeks to get through and they still screwed it up. Seems we should get their jobs

  77. Nina Marie Says:

    ok i got a disqualification on my weekly claim. i was wondering does it disqualify me for other weeks as well? i forgot to file my first and second weekly claim. i got through to speak to a rep in the office and they said it was a unresolved issue at first. now its telling me im disqualifed. could this be because i didnt file my weekly claims or another reason. they told me i was locked out of the system for not filing my first two claims and i had reset my pin to get into the system. i filed last week on the 2nd on a sunday at 12:00am and i have not recieved a payment or a disqualification letter stating why i was disqualified even for the other weeks that i was disqualified. so what does this mean? will i be disqualified for this upcomming week that i file again ? i dont get whats going on… they told me it was because i didnt file my wwekly claims now its telling me im disqualified.

  78. Linda Says:

    Sorry but all you get now is a recording saying go to website…yadda yadda yadda and a GOOD-BYE. Didn’t work for me. I have been attempting correction to my unemployment benefits for well over seven weeks now and all I get is the usual paperwork and messages telling me I have to call the Call Center for resolution. HA HA HA! Not only that, they have added more benefit money to my account and that is in total error. I’ve been unemployed for over a year and a half now and looking for any kind of job is difficult. Most times, I don’t even get a phone call acknowledging my application and I have a strong resume. I feel deeply for all of you struggling to stay above water. I am fortunate that my husband is still employed full time and we have his income to pay our bills….but no extras!

  79. Linda Says:

    Same issues with no resolution. I’ve faxed, phoned, copied forms like you did, written many many letters and still nothing. I’m now waiting for seven weeks of unemployment benefits and am as frustrated as the rest of you. There is that lawsuit pending and hopefully that may resolve some of our issues. At one time, the DES was praised for it’s website and prompt access to the Call Center………guess it is what it is now.

  80. Linda Says:

    OK just got off the phone with someone that may be able to help you all. The lawsuit previously mentioned here has been dropped but I called the office number and spoke to Ellen Katz. Even though the lawsuit was dropped they are still considering re-filing it. The long and short, I explained my problems and she took my phone number and assured me someone from DES would be phoning me shortly. We will see about that. If I get a response within 24 hours that would be a first. She told me the problem would get resolved a.s.a.p. Very very helpful and reassuring. Here’s her phone number if anyone wants to give her a call: 602-257-8138 and GOOD LUCK!

  81. Linda Says:

    WHOOPS wrong number…that’s her fax. Here’s her phone number 602-252-3432

  82. Linda Says:

    The lawyer didn’t lie to me. I just received a call from DES tonight and I will get all my back compensation by tomorrow. Seems it was their error and not mine. What a relief!

  83. Deadend Says:

    Arizona is the worst run state in the country!

    Thank you Napolitana,Brewer,Gordon.
    You bear the dirty reflection of a shit stained mirror in public facility.

    The job section of The Arizona Republic is a lie!
    95% of the jobs in there are job agency listings and most of those jobs never existed.

    I know this because three of the job listings in there were from previous companies that I worked for in the past that had shut their doors after laying everyone off 6 months to 2 years ago.
    I called the agency and asked them why this listing was still there and they said it was an oversight.
    Yea an oversight that costed the agency how much to list in the AZ Republic rag?And three listings 2 weeks apart for different jobs?

    I have 5 trades that are pretty current and there is no work in any of them,not including my degree that I can do nothing with now either.

    On the lighter side of things.
    The mortgage company is offering a loan reduction to keep home owners out of foreclosure.I dont know if this is going to work or not but I am persuing it avidly.

    I have been unemployed for 3 months and havent seen a check yet.
    The system is really screwed up!

    I apriciate those that have given some helpfull tips in here and I hope the best for you all!
    As for me I`m going to rent my house out if possible,get the hell out of Aribologna and collect an interstate claim somewhere far from here.

  84. Linda Says:

    Call the number I posted: 602-252-3432 She will help you with unemployment benefits. HONEST! I got paid finally.

  85. Kinpachi Says:

    I hear you loud and clear.I just got laid off from ATT july 15th and have recieved only 1 check from these bastards. It’s August 18th now and I apply my ass off for what seems like no reason. I get “unresolved issue” every week from these people and I’m completely unable to call them no matter what I do. I don’t even think they have a staff there! I’ve literally called every hour for 3 weeks straight on their business hours and all I get is the big F U. How shady and foolhardy this govt. organization is un-fucking-real. supposedly theres a light ahead so lets just keep fighting…

  86. DeadEnd Says:

    Oh hell yea things are looking up guys!!!!

    My wife just got laid off were soooooo fucked.

    Time to move “hey honey pack up the kids”.

  87. Foundjob Says:

    I found a job and it was a blessing, to all those out there still looking for work keep going I know it’s tough out there. For the job I found, there was two postions and over 150 applicatants. I’ve applied at a ton of places and had two people call and the two that did it took three months. So I know your pain, but on the DES, there may be a office that you can file with for work force programs to start your claims. I don’t know how it is in your states but years ago I had the same problem and my payments hadn’t started so you have to be vigilant and call and go down to the office same as it was years ago I had to go down and file for the program it’s basically a job search through the state. Also a month into my payments they stopped and I went immediately because like alot of you I needed every penny. The reason for the stoppage of payment was they wanted to see my work log,work log says what type of work you looking for and so on and who you talked too. So keep on it so the payments at least can hold you over I’ve had to use the system twice in the last 12 years and I’m glad it’s there. Last time I used it for a couple weeks this time I needed it for a couple months, Good luck.

  88. B.M Says:


    It is great you found a job. But keep looking for more. I have never been “out of a job” ever in my life. i started working at 15 and am now 31. i lost my last 3 jobs in 4 months. applied for unemployment in may and am still waiting. BTW this whole conversation was about Arizona DES and they do not have a place to physically go into . Everything is online. If and when they pay me it would be all my back pay and almost all of my payments that I am owed i will get all at once. I will then have to apply for an extension. AZ screws you. I have applied for over 90 jobs. and not one call back. I did find a part-time job and the store closed 1 month later. Never think your job is secure.

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