Out of Busy Life Practice

For some reason I feel a bit exhausted this week.  Had a date on Saturday.  Then I went to a friends house and enjoyed the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Monday was grocery shopping.  Tuesday I had another date.  Wednesday I basically prepared for a job interview all morning and then had the interview late in the day, then went to my parents house for a bit.  Thursday I went and got my nails done and ran some errands earlier in the day.  Now tonight I have another date.
Not to mention throughout the week I have been dealing with collectors (or rather, avoiding them), trying like a mad woman to get through to the unemployment office and still trying to shake off this teeny, tiny bit of a cold that still seems to be hanging on to me for dear life.  This mother just won’t go away.  I STILL haven’t even cleaned my mess of a house.  I STILL need to return some emails and phone calls of friends.  I still need to write my thank you for the interview letter.
So I’m a little wiped out this week.  I know it seems pretty weak with the things I described, but not working as long as I have, this is a pretty action packed week for me.  Damn, I’m out of practice of a busy life.  How lame that I’m feeling this tired.
I think at noon I’m going to make and enjoy a Raspberry Martini.  Because I’m single and because I can.  Maybe this will re-charge my batteries.

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