How Could I Forget About The Chris?

I accidentally double booked my Wed night.  I agreed to a date that night and totally forgot that the Chris Isaak concert is Wed. night.  How could I have forgotten about the Chris?  It’s unthinkable.  I’ll have reschedule my date and I hope he is understanding about that because my date with Chris Isaak takes priority!  haha
My friend was nice enough to buy me this ticket given my job situation.  Her and I always go to the Isaak show every time he is in town.  I had bought her ticket last time because she was watching her budget.  I didn’t expect her to pay me back but it was really nice of her to do it with this year’s show.
I also decided to update my Youtube playlist to reflect the man himself.  Love his music, his lyrics and love his voice!  The first video on the playlist is one of my favorite performances I have seen him do.  It was some tribute to Elvis special on TV some years back where the singers of today were doing his songs.  Chris Isaak did a duet with Leanne Rimes for Devil in Disguise.  It is so darned cute!  They both sounded awesome in this.

One Response to “How Could I Forget About The Chris?”

  1. lifetraveler aka Elizabeth Says:

    No man comes before a Chris concert! LOL

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