I've Had It With Arizona Road Construction

The nearest cross streets to get to my house are 91st Ave and Thunderbird and that puts me smack dab in the middle of crap ass road construction that I’m just sick of.  They are not only digging up and working on that intersection but all parts of that area along Thunderbird Road both to the East and West directions AND both sides of the road.  I mean COME ON!  There are like 20 different separate projects going on simultaneously in the same stretch of road!!!
This has been going on for months and months now and I’m ready to go postal.  This is the main route I use to go to Sun City – west on Thunderbird.  It’s the main route I use to get to the QT or the loop 101 – east on Thunderbird not to mention the main turn off to get to my house – 91st Ave headed North.
The intersection is being worked on – all sides – I have no idea what they are doing.  Then move a few feet more and they are working on the area crossing over the gully towards the Peoria park – both sides – I think they are building sidewalks and widening the lanes though not sure.  Then move a few more feet to the apartments by the QT and there is more road construction – building a side street and new entrance to both the apartments and QT.  Then move down some more feet and they are building even more apartments – which of course creates more lane closures and digging and such.  Across the street from that they have just started digging up more crap on the side of the road – creating more lane closures on the other side – I have no idea what they are doing.  Then go some more feet towards the 101 and they are digging up both sides of that – I have no idea what they are doing there. 
And this is only the eastbound direction of Thunderbird from 91st Ave.  There is more construction westbound too.
Every direction everything is closed to one lane.  One lane headed west, one lane headed east and one lane heading south on 91st Ave to reach Thunderbird.  Traffic is backed up in every direction each way – I don’t even dare go during rush hour times if I can help it.  I mean the traffic heading towards 91st Ave gets back up all the way to like 83rd Ave.  A very short 5 min. trip to the QT store is now taking 20 min. unless it’s at 1am.  I had to sit at a red light three times before I could finally turn left on T-bird from 91st Ave one evening.  These lane closures are marked off really bad too.  They are confusing.  And with all the snowbirds that drive/live in this area too who are not from here, get confused and go the wrong way.  I’ve seen it and it’s scary.
Not to mention all the dirt, rocks and pot holes I keep having to run into from all this work.
This has been going on for months and months.  I called one hotline for Peoria to find out when it will be done and the lady said the intersection won’t be done till summer.  Summer?  What the hell are they doing?  She said she didn’t have information on any of the other projects because that wasn’t theirs.  Lovely.  I don’t think I have ever seen such slow ass road/highway construction anywhere like I have seen in Phoenix.  I mean we can build giant shopping malls in less than 6 months but laying down an extra slab of cement/tar takes years.

5 Responses to “I've Had It With Arizona Road Construction”

  1. Vox Says:

    It does seem like that has been going on for years there. Ridiculous.

    Maybe the state is just early on the create work/jobs program. In order to keep those guys employed, they have them dig & fill the same spot – over & over & over & over………

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    heh Yeah that actually came to my mind too a few times.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Grrrrrrrrrr…. now they changed things again and I can’t make a left turn into 91st Ave coming from the west side of Thunderbird to get to my house. Man….. I seriously am feeling this song right about now.

  4. Dennis Says:

    When it’s all done and beautiful, some utility will have “forgotten” something and will tear up a brand new section. This will create a speed bump after they botch the patch.

  5. findyourlove Says:

    lack of planning thats wat seems here

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