The Christian Bale Ape Shit Mix

So this is old news now about one of my favorite actors Christian Bale going on a cussing rampage on his Director of Photography during the Terminator 4 movie shoot and I’m late posting about it.  I had to give you the video links though because these are just priceless.  Warning:  Videos are not kid/work friendly – lots of profanity.
First Rambo sent me the audio of the meltdown.  Boy, he sure says fuck a lot.  It’s actually kind of funny to hear him go ape shit.  But then later he found and sent me this gem.  The ape shit re-mix of the rant.  This one… oh this one had me in tears from laughing so hard.  They seriously need to play this one in dance clubs.  I would be totally dancing to it and laughing my ass off at the same time.
Christian did later apologize about this whole thing which I knew he would.  Seemed like a good guy on this radio show.
Some days ago Vox had sent me a video about some kid who comes back from the dentist and talking with his father.  Kinda cute.  But then, after the Bale incident she sends me an updated version where Christian Bale takes the kid to the dentist.
I seriously would like to see someone work on merging the original rant along with Alec Baldwin’s cell phone rant.

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