The Chris Still Gets It Done

Went to the Chris Isaak concert with my friend last night.  Of course as usual it was a really great show.  I love the small venue at Celebrity Theatre.  We were in the 9th row and it was perfect.  Chris is one of those guys who sounds just as good live as he does on his records and you can’t say that about everybody.  He’s a great entertainer too.  Really talks to the crowd and very funny guy.
When he sang Return to Me he walked up and down the isles of the audience and sang to women.  He slow danced with one and then looked over her shoulder and made some funny comments to her husband.  Very cute.
He sang a lot of new songs this time because he has a new CD coming out this month.  I was really liking them.  There was one he sang that I was loving but I can’t think of the name of it or the words now dammit.  That one made me go all teary eyed.  I have already added the CD to my wish list.
At one point in the show a really cool thing happened.  The stage is a circular rotating stage in the middle of the theatre and at one point Chris and the band were sitting on the stools and playing some nice love songs.  A man waited right until Chris and the band were directly in front of him and his girlfriend and we could see him getting his girl to stand up.  You could tell she was reluctant but did it.  I thought maybe this guy was going to dance with her in the isle to that song, but instead, got down on his knee and proposed.  The crowd went wild after they hugged. 
Now what was even funnier is the song Chris was singing (one of his new ones), there was this lyric with “I’ve been waiting for you all my life” and then right after that he adlibbed a lyric, “and now you’re his wife!” and the crowd went wild again.  After the song Chris said he never had that happen at one of his shows before and congratulated them and poked some fun too.  Yes, call it cheesy but I thought it was pretty damn cool.  Hell, I’d like it.
Another cool thing is his long time bassist Rowland Salley sang one of the songs he wrote, Killing the Blues.  This was the song that Robert Plant and Alison Krauss did which I believe was a Grammy winning album.  Very cool.
We decided not to stay for autographs this time and just went home right after the show.  I took some photos and even snuck a bit of video taping too but I’m too lazy to post those.  Maybe I’ll do that soon.
Here are some of the new songs he sang that I found on Youtube.  Of course the one I really, really liked I can’t find on Youtube!
We Let Her Down – I really liked this one.  Too bad the sound quality on this video is not it’s best.
Breaking Apart – This is a song he has recorded before but he re-recorded it with Trisha Yearwood for the new CD (like he sang with her here on his old TV show)

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