Interesting Career Observations

You know, if I hadn’t gotten laid off 3 times in my career and having to re-start from scratch every damn time, I would have been at the Director or Senior Director level by now.  I seriously was thinking about that today and it’s a little angering.  I’d be making some damn fine money, closer to paying off my home (or paid off) and be right where I should be for my age and experience in my career.  Layoffs have caused my career to go backwards because I have to take a lesser job with less pay to just get employed.  Then when I start getting promoted and working myself up again, layoffs happen and I have to start all over again. 
Not to mention I make less than men with the same (or less) background and experience.  You can argue all you want that it’s now equal and all that bs but I’m sorry, there is STILL unequal pay for women.  Not long ago a male boss accidentally sent out a document that had all of his managers names and salaries listed.  The interesting thing was there were 4 men and 2 women on the team and guess who had the lowest salaries?  The other lady and myself.  And some of these men had WAY less tenure and experience than I.  I managed circles around them and yet they made more money.
Yeah… I’m in a mood today.

2 Responses to “Interesting Career Observations”

  1. EricB Says:

    One guy is thinking of you.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    *bats eyelashes* and I you.

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