The Graham Norton Show

I have to say I have really fallen in love with this show.  I always used to see it on the BBC channel when flipping around and I had heard that it was a really good show but never watched it.  Lately I started watching it, these are re-runs of course, and I’m laughing and entertained.
The other night I caught the show and he had Eddie Izzard (who I LOVE) and one of the guys from the Simpson’s on.  The question of are baboons evil kept coming up for discussion.  Then this funny piece on cats that look like Hitler.  Good stuff, I’m now a fan.

One Response to “The Graham Norton Show”

  1. justbarbi Says:

    I am hooked already!! Waiting for it to come on at 1 this morning! Oh o, something else to keep me up!!! damn that was funny!!

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