I've Really Had It

Warning:  Major Rant
More and more and more people I talk to are getting laid off.  People I have known for years who have been very successful and in high positions.  People I have just met.  And total strangers.  It’s increasing every single week.  For those of you who ARE in a job, count your fucking blessings.  Seriously.  Count them backwards and forwards every single night you lay in bed and are able to pay for that roof over your head.
I know everyone is bitching and whining about the stimulus package, bailouts, etc. and yes, I don’t agree with it either.  But instead of bitching about how all of your tax dollars are going to waste, be really thankful that you HAVE a job to even get taxed on.  Believe me, the shoe fits really, really different on the other foot.  Take it from a successful, self sufficient Republican who is single and been unemployed for FIFTEEN months and can’t find work because EVERYONE is looking for work. 
Or how about those of you bitching your ass off all while in a cushy job where you surf the web all day.  How about instead of bitching about it, do something to help your fellow Americans.  Donate, help a friend or family member, actively help them with job leads and so on.
I’m not saying you have to take care of us.  I’m not saying I’m too lazy to look for work but right now, it’s WHO YOU KNOW to get a job right now.  It is.  No matter what the hell you are thinking, it is.  I hate to say it but referring someone to a website does NOT work because 4000 people are applying to the same job.  “I know so and so, let me introduce you and recommend you…” is what works.
Yes I’m in a bit of a rant here and a little pissy.  I’m sick of hearing about it on blogs and twitter and the TV.  I have not watched the news in 3 or 4 weeks (lost track now) because it was so negative, so bad.  Having to hear about the market going to shit, giving out bailouts to companies who are greedy, hearing about more and more layoffs every day, the foreclosures and on and on…. doesn’t give a person much hope who is in my situation.
My perfect credit that I’ve had all my life is now going to hell.  I may lose my house.  My unemployment gap is getting bigger and bigger making me less desirable to be hired.  My entire life savings and 401k are gone.  Completely gone.  No medical coverage.  Knock wood I don’t get seriously ill.
It seriously is getting on my nerves hearing people bitch, bitch, bitch and then buy up everything they desire, taking expensive trips, being able to buy simple things like clothes, shoes, having Netflix, magazine subscriptions and so on.  Those of you bitching better start saving your money, stop spending, start paying off your debt and all that other stuff now for the next two to three years.  Because you may just be in the same boat.
Yeah, I used to be in my bubble too.  I was making in the mid 60’s in my last job.  I had a few 401k’s for my retirement.  I had medical and dental insurance.  I have a nice car (paid off thank God), have a nice affordable house that I have been paying on for 13 years (might disappear now), could buy anything I wanted, whenever I wanted.  Could pay for things that needed repair.  Never used credit cards.  Paid my taxes.  Worked my ass off to get all these things on my own.  Yes, I don’t believe in hand outs either.  But seriously…. these are really, really, really bad times that I don’t think you people really have a clue about this until you have been in these shoes.
Things you are blogging about now, will seem trivial and completely worthless if you were in this situation.  Survival.  That’s what you would be blogging about right now.
All I know is that once I get a job again, I will make damn fucking sure I help someone out there in finding a job too.  And I mean REALLY helping them to find one.  I will be paying it forward as much as I can to help my fellow Americans who are in the same situation.  This is something that has changed me. 
/end rant.

2 Responses to “I've Really Had It”

  1. Lincoln Says:

    I may never complain about my job on my blog again, lest you come after me and cut me up with rusty razor blades. :O

    I don’t know why this is happening, but I do know it’s not forever. I’ve been where you are now, and it’s only by God’s provision that I’m able to survive now. I owe everything I have to Him.

    Be of good cheer. You will get through this. 🙂

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement Linc. Don’t mind me having a rant here. lol

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