I'm Shocked MTV and HBO Won't Be Airing It

I mean come on…. the chosen one is going to address the nation world universe tonight.  I’m really wondering what he can say that will even make a difference.  Yes it will all be stuff like, “these are challenging times but YES WE CAN” and all that.  Who cares.  Nothing is going to work.  Bottom line, the economy is bad and it’s going to get worse.  Much worse and then finally, after some years, it will get better.  No matter who is president and what programs work and don’t work.  It’s just the way it is.  It just has to run it’s course.
But yes, every company needs a CEO to pump up it’s employees.  That’s all a President is.  The CEO of the United States.  So let’s gather round for some kool aid to drink.  Rah!  Rah!  Rah!  All will be wonderful again but of course he’ll be careful to say, “It takes time.”  Gotta secure himself for those next 4 years to “finish what we started” kinda thing right?
I’ll definitely be watching it tonight.  I’ve been away from the news too long.  I’m curious to see this.  I want to see a rainbow glow coming out of my TV screen from around his face and hear angels singing in the background ever so quietly and peacefully.  I’ll be waiting for it to magically rain skittles in my backyard along with a job, free health care and a house.
**UPDATE:  oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Bobby Jindal will give the GOP response after Obama speaks.  I’m looking forward to that.  I have liked this guy from the very start – he’s squared away and a rising star in the Republican Party.  He rocks in my opinion.

4 Responses to “I'm Shocked MTV and HBO Won't Be Airing It”

  1. Vox Says:

    I love the fact that he demands the country spend a trillion dollars on all the leftard pet projects, then turns around and says “we have to reduce the deficit, $1.3 trillion is too much, it’s out of control” Thanks asswipe, I think we knew that BEFORE you raided our grandchildren’s piggybanks.

    Have you seen this – I can’t even describe the emotion I felt when I first clicked through on that link.

    Obama was listed as move popular & more trustworthy than Jesus in a new poll.

    People are looking to him to “heal the planet and stop the rise of the oceans”

    He is, without question, the definition of the anti-Christ ~ the false Christ. At the very least he is a brazen false idol. The proverbial golden calf” I’m an Atheist and all the Obamessiah adulation still scares the shit out of me.


  2. Martini Girl Says:

    lol Well said chicky. I liked the “thanks asswipe” comment the best. bahahaha

    What was the link you were talking about?

  3. Vox Says:

    Oh, geez – can’t believe I didn’t paste the link – D’oh!


    There you go….I hope

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    It links to a picture of him. The one that makes the President seal look like a gold glow around his head. bahahaha is that what you were talking about?

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