Yes Virginia, There Is A War

I watched most of the Oscars the other night.  I did like certain things about it but I find I’m growing more and more bored and irritated with them each year.  Of course I hated the Susan Sarandon’s peace sign and all the political crap over recent years but the year Michael Moore won for his spinning and lies… I lost even more interest, not to mention, disgusted.
But I still find myself watching them.  I do love movies.  I always wanted to be an actress since I was a kid.  I do like glitz and glamour.  But as I mentioned, my interest in them is getting less and less.  I was so hoping no one would bring up their political crap but then we have Sean Asshole Penn with his liberal holier than thou speech.  *sigh*  Shut up Sean.  Seriously. 
One thing I noticed above all else though was the lack of any mention or thanks to the troops this year.  Interesting.  And very annoying.  So because we have a new President, everything in the past is swept away?  Including the fact we still have troops in harms way?  Sean Penn can cry and whine that the people who voted against gay marriage should be ashamed of themselves and that we have a great new President and yet the men and women who are still sacrificing being away from their families get the snub.
There were times I was in and out of the room though so it’s possible someone mentioned it.  Did anyone?  I doubt it.  I guess it’s not that big of deal because I’m sure the soldiers really could give a rats ass about what these “actors” think of them.  I personally know one who certainly doesn’t.  But it was still noticeable to me especially since we are still at war and it seems like everyone is forgetting that.

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