Perfect Weather… Play Ball!

It is 77 right now and there is an awesome cool breeze today.  This is the perfect weather!  I wish it would stay in the 70’s most of the time, but then again, even more people would be moving here and we don’t need that either.  I love hearing my wind chimes outside my window, the neighbor has some pretty ones too.
It’s also Spring Training right now too.  I live just up the street from the Peoria Sports complex where the Mariners and Padres do their spring training.  I love that they have things like Military Appreciation Day, Kids Day and other fun events and packages.  Sometimes I wish I had kids, this would be such fun stuff to take them to and it’s very affordable.  Lawn seating is only $6 – cheaper than going to the movies!
Anyone want to go with me to a game?

5 Responses to “Perfect Weather… Play Ball!”

  1. gcotharn Says:

    I do, but I’m a thousand miles away. Country song in there, somewhere…

  2. EricB Says:

    I stand, the blood stained walls

    evoke the barren plain

    Nude, the shotgun shimmers

    I have done it again

    IS IT


    where am i?
    what have i become?

    sharpen the blade
    he calls

    forge the embers
    she watches
    i fall

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    heh heh You actually have me thinking of this song now.

  4. gcotharn Says:

    I will insta compose a song/poem for you, and it will be terrible, but every girl deserves to have a poem or a song composed for her every so often – which is not to say you deserve to have terrible poetry composed for you(!), but is to say, rather, its the best I can do on short notice.


    She likes baseball on a sunny day
    watched from a grassy slope
    with children playing below
    and beer in a plastic cup
    aromatically mixed with sun lotion

    and she talks of her home
    and of trips she has taken
    and of various hair colors
    and of movies she likes
    and of songs she has sung

    and she cheers lustily
    at the crack of the bat
    and raises her arms in the air
    carefully, on one side
    because of the beer

    and she smiles her good dental work
    and twinkles her eyes
    and attempts an arm’s length photo
    into which both me and her breasts cannot fit
    which is a fun predicament

    and I’m a thousand miles away
    a thousand miles away
    over dirt and scrub
    a cyber long way
    a thousand miles away


    The only thing I could rhyme, on short notice, was “way” with “away”. Rhythm and meter? Rumors! But, you know: heartfelt, for Martinigirl.

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    ooooo I have two poets! 😉

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