Over Eager Telephone Man

Another dating prospect had contacted me through email and asked for me to call him right away.  He seemed cute and nice but I usually don’t give out my number that quickly but I called.  We chatted for a few and he seemed nice and pretty cool.
The next morning he called me around 9am.  I was in the bathroom and didn’t even know he had called till I checked my answering machine later.  Then I was out when he left another message.  Then he called me again but now I forget what I was doing.  I didn’t get the chance to call him back.
The next day he called while I was on the phone with someone.  Then he called while I was eating dinner and left some message saying this was his last call to me and if I was still interested to call him back.  Then he called yet again at 11:30pm but didn’t leave a message.  Also sprinkled through these calls today I got some with “blocked caller” calls too.  Not sure if it was him too but I am suspecting it is.  I think he even called early in the morning when I was in bed too, I can’t remember now.
So at midnight I sent him an email saying he just happened to catch me when I was out or on the phone and it was too late to call him back so that was why I was emailing him.  I told him to call the next day in the afternoon.  Well my phone ran at 6:30am the next morning with “blocked call” showing on my caller ID.  I was pissed and I think it was him.  He’s lucky I didn’t pick up.  Who the hell calls a person at 6:30am???  I was in bed and that was the night I didn’t sleep before and was barely drifting off when the phone woke me.
Later around 3 or 4pm I was on the phone and he beeped in.  I didn’t answer it because I needed to talk with the person I was on the phone with.  So a little over an hour later I called him back and left a message.  I told him that I was going out pretty soon and hopefully he would catch me before I left and that I would be home for a few hours.  He didn’t.  He instead called around 9:30 pm while I was out.
Then this morning I rolled out of bed around 10am and noticed he called and left a message on my answering machine.  He called around 7am.  I didn’t even hear the phone ring because I was asleep.  You should have heard this message.  He sounded all wore down and annoyed.  How “he has called me at all times and this doesn’t seem to be working, and well I guess we’ll see what happens and blah, blah, blah.  I guess call me if you can.  I’m going to work now.”  He was all sighing and shit too. 
Him acting all annoyed was annoying in itself to me.  I mean come on buddy, give me a break here.  It’s just a coincidence that you happen to call when I’m not available.  Or freaking too late at night or too freaking early in the morning.  Or how about just too much in general like you are desperate or something.  Geez.  Calm yourself buddy.
I called him back and left a message and told him “You sounded a bit annoyed on your last message.  *half chuckle* I’m sorry that you are.  You just happen to be catching me when I’m not available.  The best time to catch me are usually afternoons and most evenings.  The past few days I just happened to be out or in the middle of something when you called.  I am also going to a party this evening because a good friend of mine is leaving and I’ll be out the door at 6pm.  So give me a call before then and hopefully we can talk before then.”
So, I’m going to really try and make sure I’m available by not being on the phone with anyone and all that.  I mean, I can understand it being frustrating to him to a certain degree and it’s seriously been a fluke that I was out or in the bathroom or on the phone the exact times he called.  Calling before 9am and after 10pm I don’t really dig very much at all – so I’m not going to answer those calls.  But seriously, he needs to not call so much I mean come on…. leave one to two message and wait for a person to have the chance to call back.  Don’t call someone 20 times and get all pissed.  And men call women dramatic??

7 Responses to “Over Eager Telephone Man”

  1. Lincoln Says:

    I wouldn’t even bother with the douchebag. Telephone this dweeb. 😛

    Oh, before I forget, I bookmarked two job networking sites I found that you might be interested in. Since you said networking is how people get jobs I thought they might help. 🙂


  2. Lincoln Says:

    Gah, WordPress ate up my comment! =O

  3. Lincoln Says:

    Ok, let me try this again, I found a couple of job related sites that allows you to network with people to find work, and since that’s how you said jobs are come by, I thought they might help you:


  4. Lincoln Says:

    G^#^$ F#(%ING comment spam. GAAAH. Ok, I’m trying to send you a link to two job networking sites. Here’s the first one:


  5. Lincoln Says:

    F*%&^ IT, check Twitter for my DM. 😛

  6. Martini Girl Says:

    lol Thanks Lincoln. I went ahead and approved your original comments as you can see. The spam filter caught them because of the job links.

  7. Lincoln Says:

    LOL I’m laughing at just seeing my frustration here.

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